We all appreciate the health benefits of clean air. Especially if you happen to live in a smog-heavy city, the sensation of breathing in a fresh lungful of clean, beautifully scented air is invigorating and refreshing. The Honeywell True Allergen Remover HPA300 can help with your air.

Companies such as doTERRA have become immensely successful marketing products which improve the quality of the air we breathe at home. And don’t overlook your home’s indoor air quality. Ever. 

While air fragrance and purity are something most health-minded people can relate to, many of us pay less attention to the moisture level in the air we breathe — and that’s often to the detriment of our health and comfort.

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends a humidity of around thirty to fifty percent for the average household. If you happen to live in a dry area, chances are your natural air isn’t anywhere near that.

This article looks at a few of the solid benefits you’ll get from having a humidifier in your home.

1. It’ll Support Your Sinus Health

The sinuses and nasal passages in particular are our body’s built in air filter. When they’re working right, the air entering the body is cleansed of many allergens before entering the lungs.

When the air is moist, the function of your sinuses is optimized. Mucus membranes are able to work as they should, and your sinuses are more likely to be properly dilated to allow the flow of air.

This makes a good humidifier a must-have for many people seriously afflicted with allergies or allergic conditions with additional complications, like asthma.

Additionally, moist air is less likely to contain dust and other airborne particles. Reducing the load of irritants in the air before it hits your nostrils makes all kind of sense.

2. A Humidifier Protects Your Skin

Dry skin isn’t just uncomfortable and more difficult to maintain, it is also more prone to a range of annoying skin conditions. Dry, flaky skin, rashes and even chronic eczema are all frequently exacerbated by dry air.

Having moisturizers and other calming lotions are undoubtedly beneficial in keeping skin supple and vital, it’s not always an option for people with extremely sensitive skin.

On top of that, moisturizer is site specific. It’s hardly a viable option when it comes to keeping all of your skin moist!

A humidifier in your home can instantly reduce the rate at which your skin dries out, and will bathe your skin in a protecting layer against those allergens and irritants which we know can worsen existing skin conditions.

3. It can Improve Eye Comfort

Your eyes are an incredibly sensitive organ. The introduction of even the tiniest irritant (whether dust, pollen or some other airborne particle) can cause instant discomfort, and often it can last for hours.

Compounding this, dry air places a lot of additional strain on the natural lubricating function of the eye. This is particularly difficult for people working in front of a screen, when it’s all too easy to not blink enough.

A humidifier can greatly reduce these discomforts, bathing the eyes with a fine layer of moisture which can augment the natural process of tear formation. They also help cut down on airborne allergens; a huge bonus if you suffer from streaming, irritated eyes caused by allergies.

4. Promoting Better Sleep

According to the CDC, up to a third of adults aren’t getting good sleep. While a bit of sleep deprivation should be of no particular concern on a short-term basis, if it continues it can become a significant health problem.

A wide range of chronic health concerns are associated with sleep deprivation, from high blood pressure and an associated increased likelihood of heart disease, through to a greater propensity for lifestyle diseases like diabetes and obesity. Lack of sleep may even exacerbate your mental and emotional health, causing depression, anxiety or both.

One of the biggest impediments to good sleep is breathing disturbance. Snoring and sleep apnea can doom its sufferers to years of poor sleep.

While serious cases of these undoubtedly require more extensive medical interventions, a humidifier can at least improve the breathing process. This may well be all a mild sufferer needs to reduce strain on night time breathing and improve their sleep.

5. Aiding in Recovery from Colds

Humidifiers can be particularly helpful in assisting in the recovery from cold and flu like symptoms. Particularly after a long bout of respiratory distress, the trachea and bronchial area can become inflamed and irritated.

A dry cough can form and last long after the original cause of the ill health is resolved. These are frequently quite hard to treat, involving long-term medication to soothe the throat, especially at night.

Humidifiers can greatly support this process of recovery by keeping the inflammation to a minimum caused by dry air . Especially during sleep, a humidifier is great for supporting the natural process of recovery.

Humidifiers don’t just make for a more comfortable home experience, they can be great for your health too. Keeping your home at the CDC recommended humidity levels of thirty to fifty percent can benefit your sinuses, eyes, skin and even your sleep. It’s well worth the investment.

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