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The mad geniuses over at Sprint have thrown down the gauntlet. Current mobile speeds are too slow. Innovation is needed and needed NOW. So in an attempt to become the Hare to the Tortoise-like competition of other service providers, Sprint is combining its spectrum into a tri-mode LTE service for retina searing mobile speeds. It’s called “Sprint Spark™“, a revolutionary new network capability that is available in several major U.S. cities right now.

Among other things, Sprint Spark is aiming for real-world speeds up to 150-180Mbps with future planned upgrades. Clearly, Sprint Spark is a bold leap forward for mobile device users and the digestion of media content we love over said devices. But what the heck is Sprint Spark anyway? Here’s a list of the 5 things you should know about Sprint Spark. Let’s begin with…

1. What Makes It Different

Sprint Spark is a new breed of Tri-band service. It combines 800Mhz, 1.9Ghz and 2.6Ghz  LTE bands to offer faster speeds, stronger in-building signal quality and enhanced clarity in call quality. This is all transparent and unseen by the customer. It analyzes each of the three bands of LTE and connects your device to the ideal band based on your area.

2. Speeds

With Sprint Spark, we can expect considerable speed boosts in page loads, free video chat plus gamers can enjoy their favorite titles minus the frustrating lag. Early adopters could see peak speeds reaching 50-60Mbps. As the Sprint Spark service matures, Sprint estimates speeds could reach 150-180Mbps in real world use scenarios.

3. Where it will be available

To get it up and going, the company is physically deploying the needed infrastructure and is currently deploying in about 25% of the market for major U.S. cities including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami and Tampa.

4. Sprint Spark Compatible Devices

Currently, the LG G2, Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3, Samsung S4 Mini and HTC One Max are all tri-band devices that can leverage Sprint Spark capability. Sprint has also recently announced the new tri-band Samsung Galaxy S4, which is expected on store shelves right around Christmas time.

5. Download More and Save With Sprint Spark

Sprint is an industry leader in offering unlimited 4G LTE data, text and calling plans to smartphones. This is without over-charges or other punitive charges providing said devices are connected to the Sprint network. An unlimited data plan will be a boon for Sprint Spark customers, freeing them to fully take advantage of the added speed and superior HD-quality media streaming that Sprint Spark enables.


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