5 Reasons Why The BKON Craft Brewer Is The Ultimate Tea Maker (list/video)


Whether you are looking for the best Kitchenaid mixer or another kitchen appliance, we have you covered. Serious tea drinkers are not to be missed with. Like the caffeine addicted coffee junkies, drinking a perfect cup of tea can be pure nirvana. And like any tea addict will know, there’s a tiny window of time in which brewed tea will taste its best. If poured way too soon, it’ll be pretty weak, but if you wait too long to pour it, a bitter taste is what’s left.

It’s a tricky science that not many can master. BKON understands this and sought out to make tea making less tedious with its Craft Brewer that’s designed to create perfectly brewed cpus of tea whenever you want it. If you’re a constant tea drinker, these are the reasons why you NEED to and the Craft Brewer to your collection of kitchen appliances!

 1. RAIN Technology


No, rain water doesn’t make the tea taste better…RAIN stands for Reverse Atmospheric INfusion, which “changes the physics of extraction by controlling the negative pressure variables during the infusion process.” So when you place loose tea leaves and water in its cylindrical brewing chamber and air is then drawn out, creating a vacuum. The negative pressure in the chamber then draws the leaves to the surface of the water and causes gases to be released from the eater and the leaves. Once done, the chamber is back to atmospheric pressure as the vacuum is released with the extraction of soluble flavor elements from even the most complex teas. Leaving only the perfect taste that’s never bland or bitter.

2. Delicious Tea In Under Two Minutes

The above process is repeated for 60 to 90 seconds, until it has the “optimum flavor profile” by fine-tuning variables like water temperature and contact time, as well as vacuum depth, duration and frequency. Tweaking these variables is what makes the tea taste so much better than when made traditionally. It can brew more than 60 cups of the perfect tea in a hour!

3. Stores Your Favorite Recipes

Do you have a couple of favorite tea recipes? How about 200 because that’s how many the brewer can store. Users can access their favorite one via its touchscreen control panel for easy use.

4. Self Cleans

Its brew chamber self cleans at the end of every cycle allowing you to spend less time cleaning the contraption and more time enjoying your cup of tea.

5. Coffee Addicts Can Enjoy, Too (But Later)

Right now, Beta versions are being tested out in select US places and i’ll be commercially available later this year. And the company plans to offer its RAIN system to other loved beverages like coffee and alcoholic beverages.

So after reading this, you’re probably already thinking of where to put one in your kitchen… But you might not be able to afford it, though, since it will retail for about $13,000.

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