The In-Depth Buyer's Guide for 2019

10 Of The Best 4 Wheelers For Kids

Over 40+ Hours Testing & Reviewing 25 Kids ATVs.


Winner: Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX

9.7 out of 10

So if it's time to buy an ATV for your kids, (so you can vicariously live that awesome off-road life through them obviously. Duh!) and it would be ideal if you could try as many as possible, especially the ones that you are thinking about buying. However, that's just not possible with vehicles like this, which is why reviews like the one below are important. I can help you navigate the ATV 4 wheelers market so that you know which ones perform. If it's not on our list, it's not the best.

It took me about 20 hours of research time, 35 hours of testing and I looked at over 40 different kid’s 4 wheeler models on the market today in order to determine that the Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX is the best 4 wheeler for kids. This ATV for kids has all of the stylings of a real ATV. It handles well on wet grass and other terrains, a durable build and it’s safe for your child. It looks as good as it performs.

Test Results and Ratings

- September 2019

How We Decided

4 main factors come down to picking the top kids ATVs


30 Miles

1YR Warranty


Best Kids 4 Wheeler

for 2019

 Power Wheels Barbie Kawasaki KFX

out of 10
  • Has two speeds
  • Parental control
  • Handles rough terrain well
  • Battery must be removed to charge it
  • Plastic wheels feel cheap

Why We Like It: The Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX is the top choice thanks to a quality build, great design, and standout performance.Not only does this vehicle look like a fiery hot rod of an ATV that will make your kids drool, (believe me, they drool) but it also backs up that visual claim with great performance.

Best 4 Wheeler

For Older Kids

Razor Dirt Quad

out of 10
  • 10-12 MPH Max Speed
  • Holds Up To 120 Pounds
  • Great Tires for smooth ride
  • No Reverse Feature
  • Ranged performance and reliability suffered
  • High price for average internet users

Why We Like It: The kids loved this one! The Razor Dirt Quad ATV is a tough little quad for kids ages 8 and up. It has an average battery life of 250 charge/discharge cycles to ensure many many rides for your kids.

Best 4 Wheeler

For Girls

Rosso Motors Kids ATV Kids Quad 4 Wheeler Ride

out of 10
  • 13 MPH Top Speed
  • Pretty In Pink, need I say more?
  • All-Terrain Rubber Tires
  • Charge Time Is 6 Hours

Why We Like It: If you're looking for an ATV for your 8-year-old girl, this Quad 500W 36V has some great features. It's not just for the girls, anyone can ride it. The girls will especially love the color and design. This model has a 36V battery and 500W motor that deliver great power and range.

Best Design

Titan Outdoor Kids Children 24V White Mini Quad

out of 10
  • Great Design
  • Two Batteries Give Great Ride Time
  • Safe
  • Not For Younger Kids
  • Tires Should Be Fatter For Rough Terrain
  • 4-6 Hour Charge Time

Why We Like It: The Titan Outdoor Kids 24V Mini Quad has a design that boys are going to love and once they get on this electric toy they'll fall in love with what it can do as well. It has several great features that helped it to make the list.

Best for Speed

Rosso Motors Kids ATV Kids Quad 4 Wheeler Ride

out of 10
  • Nice Shock-Absorbent Suspension
  • 13 MPH Top Speed
  • Three Speeds W/ Reverse
  • 6 Hour Charge Time

Why We Like It: This 500W 36V ATV is built to last and sports a great design that kids can't resist. I really liked the suspension, which made the ride feel sweet. This is a solid buy for parents and a solid ride for kids.

Best ATV For Toddlers

Power Wheels Lil' Quad Featuring Disney Minnie, Mouse

out of 10
  • Easy For Kids To Get On/Off
  • Simple Stop and Go
  • Safe 2 MPH Speed
  • No Reverse

Why We Like It: Power Wheels is a Fisher-Price brand that offers a variety of electric vehicles for your kids. They have a tried and true safety track record that you can trust when it comes to your child's well-being.

Best Two Kid 4 Wheeler

Power Wheels Dune Racer, Green

out of 10
  • Holds 2 Kids
  • Has Reverse
  • Power Lock Brakes
  • Doesn't Make Sharp Turns
  • Doesn't Fit Taller Kids
  • Massive Charge Time

Why We Like It: When it comes to fun electric toys for young kids, Power Wheels knows what they are doing. The Power Wheels Dune Racer is a safe and fun battery powered ride for not one, but two kids aged 3-7 years old.

Best 4 Wheeler For Kids

That Adults Can Enjoy

Mountopz 3050C ATV

out of 10
  • All-terrain rubber tires
  • Great Suspension
  • Disc Brake System
  • Expensive
  • 6 Hour Charge Time

Why We Like It: The Mountopz 3050C is on the expensive side, but it's my pick for the best 4 wheeler made for kids that adults will also love.

Best Speed Demon

Brings 110cc ATV 4 Wheeler Fully for Kids

out of 10
  • Rear hydraulic disc brakes for stopping power
  • Powerful 4 Stroke 110cc Motor
  • Has a remote Kill Switch For Safety
  • Expensive

Why We Like It: With 110cc of powers this bad boy can hustle. It also include an automatic transmission, rear hydraulic disc brakes and all at a reasonable price (provided you, the parent, might be taking it for a spin or two).

Best for Safety

ZH Kids QUAD ATV 4 Wheeler Ride

out of 10
  • Great Price
  • For Ages 3-5
  • Charges Fast
  • Just For The Small Kids

Why We Like It: The ZH Kids QUAD ATV is a nice little budget ATV rideon toy for the little ones who are just getting on a 4 wheelers for the first time.

Best ATV For Kids

3-8 Years Old

Rosso Motors 800W 36V

out of 10
  • All-terrain rubber tires
  • Great Suspension
  • Disc Brake System
  • Expensive
  • 6 Hour Charge Time

Why We Like It: The vehicle has a strong 800W motor and a 36V battery. It’s simply the best ATV for the class of 4 wheelers that are made for 3-8-year-old kids. This is a 4 wheeler that will let your kids gain some confidence before moving on to a larger and more powerful model. It beats the competition in power and range and has some standout features.

What features matter when buying a best kids ATV?

To determine which youth ATV was the top-rated on the market of 2019, I gathered a massive amount of data on all of the latest models. If any had terrible consumer reviews I ditched those as well as any that were not safe. Then to narrow my list down even further, I analyzed their cost, speed, and range to find the best of the best.

Price: This list of kids ATVs ranged in price from $85 to $595, with our top pick costing $262 and our #2 pick costing $398.

Range: At the top end of the price range, you get a max range of 30 miles and a fun 25 mph top speed.

Speed: The slowest youth ATV on our buying guide is 2 mph, while the shortest range is about 1 hour of runtime.

Kid’s 4 Wheeler Buyers Guide

Below are the top features you should look for in a kid’s 4 wheeler.


Your Child’s Safety Comes First

Safety should be your priority. You want to buy a 4 wheeler that will be fast enough for your child to have fun, but not so fast that they get hurt. For kids 3-5 years old a top speed of 5 MPH is a good idea. This is slow enough that you can walk beside them and keep them safe. For kids above 5 years old, you will have to use your parental discretion and work with your child to determine what they can handle.

Look for other safety features like parental speed control, or a kill switch (So you can shut the engine off should they take a spill).

Always make sure that your child is wearing the proper safety gear like a helmet as well as knee and elbow pads.


Signal Strength - 5G is Key 

Whether you are buying an ATV for your toddler or for a teen, you want to choose something with wide treaded tires so that they grip the terrain firmly, making it less likely that it will flip over at higher speeds. Plastic is just fine for younger riders going only 5 MPH, but for higher speeds, you want quality rubber or air-filled tires. If your child is riding on the sidewalk, smaller tires are fine, but for off-road you want larger tires with more tread. Air-filled tires offer the smoothest ride, but you will need to pump them up now and then.
A good suspension system works hand in hand with your tires, keeping you from feeling every bump and making sure that your vehicle keeps a low center of gravity. So pay attention to the suspension.


Battery Life and Charging Times

We all want longer battery life, but you have to balance battery life with speed, performance and charge time. You want is a long battery life that also delivers the speed that you want as well as charging times that you can live with.
Charging times vary with each model and you will have to choose one that suits your needs. Don’t buy a vehicle that will make you wait 8 hours to charge your battery if it is only going to give you 1 hour of riding time.


Choose The Proper Range For Your Situation

The range that your vehicle delivers on a single charge is very important. You want the best range you can get from your battery, just like you want the best gas mileage in your car. Aim for a great range with short charging times.


Durable Construction

Like any other vehicle, one of your top concerns for an ATV should be durability. You want a tough and rugged frame that will last. It needs to stand up to off-road riding as well. A durable build means that it will have a longer lifetime.


​A Powerful Motor

The more powerful the motors, the more powerful your vehicle is. A 100 cc motor is more powerful than a 50cc motor. The better the motor, the more speed and better performance you will get.



Even though you are riding your vehicle most of the time, there are times that you need to pick it up and move it. Maybe you are putting it in the garage after the battery died or packing it in the car. You want a vehicle light enough to move around on its own with no power.



Most 4 Wheelers require some assembly before you can start riding them, but don’t worry, these are simple things that most adults can handle easily. For instance, you may have to secure the handlebars to the frame by inserting and tightening two bolts. You may have to do the same with the wheels, reflectors, fenders etc. It’s very easy to put the pieces together and manufacturers almost always provide instructions. If in doubt, YouTube is a great place to get your answers.

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The Top Kids ATVs Brands

The global market for All-Terrain Vehicles is growing at a fast pace and demand is predicted to cross beyond the 1 million units mark by 2024 (R). Youth ATVs are leading those sales figures, from brands like Power Wheels, Razor, Kawasaki, Choice Products, Titan, Taotao Kids and many more. Youth ATVs range from toddler ride on vehicles to powerful 4-wheelers that your teens will enjoy. Many of today’s youth ATV brands, like Razor, already have a history of manufacturing quality hoverboards and scooters, so they are trusted kid vehicle producers with a history of products that anyone can look at on Amazon, while others are newcomers hoping to prove themselves in the space.

The Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX is a kid’s ATV that has great performance, a solid style, and durability. It also handled some varied terrain with ease. Combining those attributes with a top speed of 6 MPH, this is a solid choice that will make kids happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

​The Top Questions About Kid’s ATVs Answered


Does a warranty come with an ATV purchase?

Are extra features, likes headlights, something that I need?

How much does kids ATVs cost?

How do you ride an ATV?

How I Picked the Top 4 Wheelers for Kids

To determine which was the top rated 4 wheeler for kids on the market in 2019 (see more about our top picks for the latest vehicles on the market today), I began by eliminating any 4 wheelers with poor consumer reviews. Then got rid of any models with a questionable safety record. Safety is always a top priority for our reviews. Especially fire safety.

After that, I created analyzed the cost, speed, durability, ease of use, performance and Amazon reviews so that I could narrow our list to the top picks here. I worked with some kids to make sure that everything was tested by an actual child and between myself and these testers, all of the bases were covered. These ATVs had to be ridable, safe and have features that these kids could use easily.

Who Contributed to this Review

Conner Flynn​


Conor Galagan-Mead


Christian Hokenson


Caleb Clark


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