3M Reveals Pocket Projector MPro110


By: Daniel O

‘Hey you! How come you’ve got Bambi playing on your back?’ reply ‘Isn’t it obvious? I got myself a 3M pocket projector…and a friend.’

3M have announced their newest product, the MPro110 (pocket projector) and the guys at Popsci.com have got their hands on one. Basically it’s a mini projector that plugs into most DVD players via a VGA cable and allows your movie to be projected nearly anywhere! In a dark room this could possibly replace your flashy home cinema system. It doesn’t come with speakers though, so keep the flashy ones for that. The MPro110 also comes with a composite jack cable to allow you to plug in and receive output from things like your PSP or iPhone. Priced at only $359 it goes on sale September 30th and 3M say they may incorporate it into cellphones next year too.


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