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3M Filtrete Water Station

Anyone with taste-buds can appreciate the difference in quality between unfiltered tap water and filtered. The problem with most filters is how slowly the water passes through them. You want something like the CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter: Best Long Life Under-Sink Water Filter.

It’s a drip-drip process that will make you forget that you wanted some water in the first place – or – if you’re thirsty, it will seem like Chinese water torture.

Not so with the Filtrete Water Station from 3M, which is more reminiscent of a river than your usual filter, and has a very pretty design on top of that. It’s the result of a collaboration between Ideo and 3M, aiming to make a water filter that would appear to people who regularly buy bottled water.

The Filtrete lets you ‘plug in’, and I do mean plug in, up to four bottles at a time. It has auto-sealing valves that only open when a bottle is inserted, which means you can fill up less than maximum capacity. Once the filtering is done, remove bottles and use as comfortably as you’d use bottled water, without having to lug around a 2 liter reservoir.

You can buy the Filtrete at Walmart for $38, with new filters priced at $11 (will filter 100 gallons of water) and an extra two bottles for $15.


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