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3DR Solo Drone Review

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Are you an experienced flier or a newcomer to the world of drones? Naturally, you’d want the best drones for GoPro. The 3DR Solo Drone may fall into that category. It doesn’t have a camera, but rather a cradle for a compatible GoPro. It’s almost like it was built to pair with one!

Why We Like It – 3DR Solo Drone

With a well-designed controller, the 3DR Solo Drone excels at being a great option for fledgling drone fliers, and yet provides performance that reaches and sometimes matches that of expensive drones.

  • Max distance of 1.5km
  • Long battery life
  • Open source code
  • Image stability isn’t the greatest
  • Doesn’t come with a camera

Speed & Power

To take full advantage of the power and speed of the 3DR Solo Drone, you’ll need plenty of open space. Once you’ve done that, you’ll get to watch as the 3DR takes off and maxes out its speed at 55mph. And that pairs wonderfully with its max distance and battery life of up to 25 minutes. But, if you want 40 minutes of flight time, you’ll need to check out our Autel EVO II review.

Range & Durability

Here’s why: its maximum range is about 1.5km. That’s three times the distance of the Altair Aerial Blackhawk’s maximum distance, but the Altair has better durability, using metal as opposed to plastic for its body. It’s not one of the longest flying drones, but it’ll still work.


The 3DR Solo Drone doesn’t come with a camera, and neither does the Altair Aerial Blackhawk, but both have a cradle for supporting GoPros. You’ll want a leading GoPro drone for that. Unfortunately, image stability isn’t the greatest. Even with light winds, it’ll constantly be touch-and-go. The DJI Phantom 2, however, uses a 3-axis gimbal to circumvent that. You should also explore the Air Hogs Supernova drone review for a drone with 9 incredible tricks.


On the flip side, there’s a handful of flight modes packaged inside the 3DR Solo Drone. You get Orbit, giving it a path to fly in a radius; Follow Me mode has the drone follow above you; a Return Home button; Selfie mode is self-explanatory, and Cable Cam mode gives you control over the camera while the drone stays put or on a path. Most importantly, open-source code allows for others to create software for the 3DR Solo Drone. Check out the Zerotech dobby review for a drone with an ultrasonic save sensor that helps to stabilize the drone when flying indoors.


The biggest letdown is the lack of a camera. The Yuneec Q500, for example, comes with a 4K camera, but costs an extra $120. But if you already have a compatible GoPro camera, it’s a moot point. Either way, newcomers and fliers with a bit of experience will find the 3DR Solo Drone to be easily accessible, especially the controller.

3DR Solo Drone Wrap Up

The 3DR Solo Drone finds itself right in the middle—easy enough for beginners, yet still valuable to experienced fliers, too. Its max distance and speed are phenomenal at this price, and the open-source code adds extra value for those wanting to write software. It’s best to take it out on quiet days, just for better stability.