Rick and Morty is a phenomenon. They can’t make episodes fast enough for fans. We just want more, more, more. In fact, I bet that everyone reading this has seen the hit animated show. Except for that one guy reading this right now.

Create Your own Rick and Morty Figures

You do realize that you are the only one who hasn’t seen it, right? What are you waiting for? Yes, of course, it’s that good. Why don’t you go watch the show and then come back okay? Alright, see you then. As for the rest of you, you already know how awesome this cartoon is.

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Chances are you not only watch the show but also collect all of the toys. There are many good Rick and Morty toys available on the market right now, but if I’m honest, most of them don’t look as good as these Rick and Morty Bobble Heads from Cults.

You can’t just buy these on any store shelves though. You can, however, 3D print these toys for yourself if you have access to a 3D printer. You can get files for both Rick and Morty and they will cost you only $1.51 each. Actually, Morty is free. That makes sense since every Rick has to have his Morty.

Honestly, I have looked at many Rick and Morty toys, and most of them don’t look this good. I love all the details. It is definitely worth creating these bobbleheads if you have a 3D printer. If you don’t, take a look at our review of how Voladd makes 3D printing easier.

3D Print Your Own Rick and Morty Bobble Heads
Rick and Morty Bobbleheads.

Your Own Dynamic Duo

I’m hoping that they add some more Rick and Morty characters. I would buy them all. Even Jerry. They really did a great job of capturing the likeness of both characters. These guys are going to look great on your desk or on your shelf. They are a great reminder that there are multiple dimensions and that Rick and Morty are everywhere. I wish all toys looked this cool.

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