Given the popularity of Star Wars, it only make sense that thousands of parities feature it as a theme, centering the entire festivity around its famous characters. We’ve scoured the Web to compile some of the coolest and most unique Star Wars Cakes around for you viewing enjoyment. It’s amazing to see some of the detail that went into these sugar-filled confections. Obviously, some characters and even iconic objects are more popular than others, but they are share not thing — they look too good to eat!

35. Elaborate Death Star

34. Darth Vader Bust

33. Darth Vader Statue

32. Darth Vader Head

31. Sitting Yoda

30. Fighting Yoda

29. Chewbacca

28. Jabba the Hut

27. Jabba and Princess Leia Slave

26. Jabba the Hut 30th Birthday

25.Detailed Millenium Falcon

24. Han Solo’s Millenium Falcon

23. Red, Black and Grey Millennium Falcon

22. Han Solo in Carbonite

21. Detailed Carbonite Han Solo

20. Star Destroyer

19. Star Destroyer with Action Figures

18. Walking AT-AT

17. AT-AT with Ewok Cupcakes

16. Standing R2-D2

15. Star Wars Birthday R2-D2

14. R2-D2 Half Stance Cake

13. R2-D2 3D Cake

12. LEGO-like Stormtrooper

11. Stormtrooper Bust

10. Stormtrooper Giftbox Cake

9. Miscellaneous Star Wars Cakes

8. Standing Ewok Cake

7. Darth Maul Bust

6. Dead Tauntaun Cake

5. LEGO Luke Skywalker Cake

4. Darth Vader x Stormtrooper Cake

3. LEGO Star Wars Cake

2. Chewbacca and Stormtrooper Face Cakes

1. Darth Vader vs Obie-Wan Kenobi

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