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If you want a fitness tracker without breaking the bank, the 321OU Bluetooth smart watch is a great option. This smart wrist watch has terrific customer reviews and has fantastic features like a remote camera, activity tracker, and the ability to control your music. The 321OU tracker watch made our best smartwatch list because of its affordability.

Why We Like It – 321OU Smartwatch

The 321OU smart watch comes at a great price and has many brilliant features. This Bluetooth smart fitness tracker watch takes a sim card and also has space for an SD card. It connects to Android iOS through an app and allows you to track your activity and play your music.

  • Can play music off your phone
  • SD card slot
  • Compatible with Samsung LG and iPhone.
  • Average camera
  • Limited functionality with iPhones
  • Limited battery life


The 321OU comes with brilliant features. This watch supports Android and iPhone and uses an app for connectivity. The app allows you to play music off your smartphone, track your fitness, and receive notifications for your messages, emails, and calendar. Watch phone connectivity also lets you control the remote camera. Other terrific features are a calculator, alarm clock, calendar, and a calorie counter. If you want a fitness tracker watch with longer battery life, the samsung gear s3 frontier smartwatch is a good option.


This fitness tracker watch is made from stainless steel with a Nano TPU85 soft material strap. The 1.3-inch color touch screen has an attractive convex design with a clear and easy to read screen. The 321OU can be used as a 2.5 Android phone with the addition of a sim card, and has an SD slot for some functions. This smartwatch has limited waterproofing and a battery life of 24 hours. Apple watch series 4 is a great alternative.


The 321OU comes at a very low price and is packed full of brilliant features. This smartwatch can be used as an android phone with the addition of a sim card. It also has a built-in camera that can be controlled remotely from your smartphone. This watch can also track your distance walked, calories burned, and has a sleep monitor. If it’s synced to your smartphone it can also receive notifications for your emails and messages. The 321OU has fantastic value for money, just like the letscom fitness tracker.

321OU Smartwatch Wrap Up

When it comes to affordable fitness trackers, the 321OU has many excellent features. You can track your distance, steps, calories, and sleep patterns. You can also connect it to your smartphone to play your music, receive notifications, and control the camera. The battery life might not be the best, but it’s a small price to pay when considering all the other functions.

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