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32 Top Geeky, yet Sexy, Halloween Costumes (list/pictures)

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Updated November 30, 2021

Halloween is the time of year where chicks get to wear the fewest clothes and dress up as some of your favorite things. Everything from robots to comic book heroes and everything in between, check out some of the hottest and sexiest Halloween costumes you’ll probably see at all the holiday festivities you’ll be attending. While they’re ranked, in all honesty, all of the sexy costumes rank No. 1 in our book! It’s true what they say…”The freaks do come out at night!” Before you dive in, stop to check out our best clothing apparel guide.

32. Sketchy Sally

See what sort of designs you can muster up with this sexy Etcher Sketch costume .

31. Galaxy Girl

She’s out of this world…literally as this Galaxy Girl is a super cutie from an entirely different galaxy than the Milky Way!

30. Sexy Jester

This Harley Quinn look-a-like jokester is dressed for causing mayhem!

29. Ninja Babe Turtle

She’s a Ninja Babe Turtle in a half shell that eats pizza and likes to kick ass…we’ll in love!

28. Collegiate Cutie

The hottest nerd on campus is an understatement with this costume.

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27. Optimus Prime

If this was on Megan Fox all hell would probably break loose, but we’ll even take it on on a regular chick anyday!

26. Remote Control-Her

Press her buttons and see what channel you get…!

25. Black and Red Glam Rock Guitar

Bust your best Guitar Hero skills with this chick to see what score she’ll give ya!

24. Feline Beauty to Spider Cutie

Two-for-ones are always good…especially when it’s a Catwoman wannabe to a Sexy Spidey outfit!

23. Robo Babe RoboCop

RoboCop’s sexy female equivalent is real head turner!

22.Wonder Woman

Female heroic efforts at its finest! A babe and a hero…score!

21. Sexy Green Lantern Uniform

A tight uniform on any bodacious bod will get any Green Lantern fan’s heart pumping in this getup!

20. Sexy Space Cadet

A hottie in this costume can probe any guy’s Uranous in a heartbeat!

19. The Green Hornet Kato Costume

You won’t want to mess with the chick sportin’ this hot ass Kato costume ’cause she might just bust some moves on your ass! If you like hats, take a look at our review of the best Bluetooth beanie.

18. Batgirl Costume

Batman might get all the chick, but Batgirl gets Batman AND all the dudes in this short number.

17. Caped Crusader Costume

We’re not sure where this sexy costume is from (even though it looks like a Batman getup), but who cares ’cause it shows off all the right goods.

16. Marvin The Martian

Hmmm…a Loony Tunes character you would have never thought sexy just became HOT!

15. Supergirl

Man of Steel meets Bodacious Beauty is what this Supergirl costume is!

14. Lust In Space

A sexy outfit that is out of the world is hard to beat…especially if it lights up and features its own intergalactic tunes!

13. Batman’s Robin

Every hero needs a sidekick and a sexy Robin will definitely do the trick!

12. Arcade Cutie

Ms. PacMan has curves thanks to this shapely costume.

11. Frisky Feline

Catwoman has always been a Halloween favorite and now she’s been renamed to be the “Frisky Feline!”

10. Light Up To Music Robot

This particular robot is programmed to super sexy and sound and motion interactive. With the right commands, she just might respond positively!

9. Princess Peach

Straight from the Super Mario Bros. video games and directly to your Halloween party comes an old school gamer’s fantasy to reality!

8. Silk Spectre

The Silk Spectre Watchmen outfit will make you want to be Mr. Manhattan for the nigh!

7. Hero Girl

This beauty can save the world in a tight ass dress any day!

6. Dark Commander

Darth Vader is beyond sexy with this menacing getup…but we’ll let him rule The Empire wearing this!

5. Spider Girl

Usually spiders and chicks don’t mix, but in this outfit, they definitely do go together pretty damn well!

4. Star Raider

Battling the universe in this Star Raider costume will be every Star War’s Geek’s ultimate fantasy.

3.Padme Amadala

Star Wars fans will definitely want to take pics with whatever hottie sports this getup!

2. Mortal Kombat Kitana

Gamers will love a pair of legs in this Kitana outfit…

1. Mortal Kombat Mileena

…But will also go crazy for any gal in this Mileena costume!

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