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$25,000,000 Buys You IronMan’s House (video)

What does $25,000,000 buy you? A crap load of stuff, but nothing will come close to this house that bears an uncanny resemblance to Tony Stark’s house.  You know, from the “Iron Man” movie.

The Razor house, which was designed by Wallace E. Cunningham, has a whopping 11,000 square feet. That equates to more than $2,000 a square foot.  Ouch.  Inside are 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a 2 story guest house and floor to ceiling glass windows that will have even the most affluent in contempt.  The infinity pool faces the ocean, but looks more like a watery pit designed for a school of ferocious sharks that have a penchant for 007 meat.

Checkout the Black Visa card commercial just below.


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