24 Super Bowl Smartphone Wallpapers to Show Your 49er or Raven Team Pride (list)

With the highly anticipated Super Bowl XLVII a few days away, we thought it might be useful to provide Baltimore Ravens’ fans, and those who bleed red and gold for the San Francisco 49ers, some cool iPhone wallpaper backgrounds to have for the big day. Below are 24 of some of the coolest looking wallpapers that will help you show your team pride!

San Francisco 49ers Wallpapers

12. Wood San Francisco 49ers

11. Classic Red San Francisco 49ers

10. Deep Red San Francisco 49ers

9. San Francisco 49ers Logo

 8. No. 21 Frank Gore of San Francisco 49s

7. No. 53 NaVorro Bowman of San Francisco 49ers

6. Gold San Francisco 49ers Logo

5. San Francisco 49ers Logo

4. San Francisco 49ers Stripes

3. San Francisco 49ers Wall

2. San Francisco 49ers Burnt Logo

1. Vintage Gold San Francisco 49ers Logo

Baltimore Ravens Wallpapers

12. Classic Baltimore Ravens Logo

11. Gritty Baltimore Ravens Logo

 10. Yellow Baltimore Ravens Logo

9. Baltimore Ravens Burnt Logo

8. Ray Lewis Baltimore Ravens

7. Super Bowl Baltimore Ravens

6. Vintage Baltimore Ravens Logo

5. Baltimore Ravens Logo

4. Wood Baltimore Ravens Logo

3. Ray Lewis Untouchable

2. Baltimore Ravens Crest

 1. Baltimore Ravens Logo

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