23 Top Star Wars Costumes (list)

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Updated January 24, 2023

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Halloween is next week, and we’ve compiled a bunch of Star Wars costumes to inspire all you die-hard fans or those just looking to be something different this year. We’ve found some child ones, a couple of pet costumes and loads of funny, sexy and downright original Star Wars ensembles. May the force be with you on this frightful holiday! These costumes make the best star wars gifts.

23. Yoda Dog Costume

18842 650x650 1

No Halloween would be complete for any Star Wars fan without Yoda and this doggie Yoda costume is even better than any human version!

22. Jedi and Tauntaun

jedi tauntaun costume 335x515 1

The Jedi Tauntaun costume is nothing but laughs and very original!

21. Jabba the Hutt

60322 650x650 1

Man, showing up to a party in this costume deserves to win best costume just for the mere fact that they have to walk in this thing the entire night!

20. Baby Chewbacca Costume

chewbacca costume star wars costumes

A baby Chewbacca costume will definitely get a bag full of treats!

19. Baby Darth Vader and Princess Lei

Little Star Wars Costumes

Babies are always cute, but at Halloween they get even cuter just like these two. Princess Lei and Darth Vader make a great pair!

18. Couple’s AT-AT Costume

at at star wars costume

Sign up for significant other to be part of a duo AT-AT homemade costume as this couple did!

17. Classic Princess Lei

princess leia

Classic always works, just like this Princess Lei one that’s complete with the long dress and the bun hair!

16. Chewbacca


While it may not be very movie-like, this Chewbacca costume will still look sharp!

15. Star Trooper

Being a Star Trooper will get you all the ladies at the party!

14. Queen Amidala Child’s Costume

101688 01 Lg 650x650 1

Your kid should win first place in a costume contest with this elaborate get up!

13. Child’s Ewok Costume

65004ce 650x650 1

Kids are cute, but kids dressed as Ewoks are double cute!

12. Star Wars Group Costumes

40810 star wars costumes 5

A group theme is always fun…just look at this threesome!

11. Jedi Knight

33123 650x650 1

May the force be with you as you pose as a Jedi Knight!

10. Darth Vader Dog Costume


Halloween isn’t just for humans anymore! Dress up your dog as the empire’s ultimate villain.

9. Couples Costume Princess Leia and Han Solo

star wars03

Those who are paired up, this couple’s costume will turn heads at Halloween bash!

8. Darth Vader

star wars01

Darth Vader is the ultimate costume for any Star Wars fan or for anybody who wants to look cool and carry a light saber.

7. Emperor Palpatine

18811 1 650x650 1

Being the bad guy can be kind of cool like when you wear this Emperor Palpatine costume!

6.  AT-AT Dog Costume

Star Wars AT AT Dog Costume2

Even though this dog doesn’t look to happy in his costume, you have to admit it’s pretty original and unique! His owners are definitely Star Wars fans.

5. Princess Leia Slave

star wars costumes 650x650 1

The Princess Leia Slave costume gets a thumbs up from all the guys and is a Star Wars favorite!

4. Death Star

star wars costume

Be creative and make your own costume like this dude did for his Death Star ensemble.

3. Sexy Amidala

Star Wars Padme Amidala TM 650x650 1

A hot and sexy Amidala is always a great way to go for the ladies, even if you’re not a big Star Wars fan.

2. Luke Skywalker

33114 650x650 1

Everybody loves the hero, so being Luke Skywalker is a no brainer!

1. Boba Fett

authentic boba fett high res 650x928 1

The official Boba Fett costume looks pretty legit.

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