2016 Audi TTS Review

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Some might describe Audi’s all new TTS as zippy, fun, or spirited. Me? Completely, and utterly bonkers. I’ve never driven a car with this much agility. And yes, I’m gonna tell you more about it right now!

And why is it so agile? A few key reasons. One, its short as *#ck wheelbase. Two, these 20-inch wheels are wrapped in almost prophylactic thin rubber. Three, the 2L 4-cylinder has been turnt up from 220hp and 258 lb-ft of torque to 292hp and 280 lb-ft. Which justifies its S badging. That and the more aggressive exterior cues.

And because you’re so low to the ground, it does feel bananas fast. My first attempt at cutting in between a set of cars – I mean lane changes – was something analogous to a video game. And speaking of quick, the 6-speed S-tronic dual clutch gear box is R8 comparable. Just listen.

Lending a serious assist in the speed and traction department – aside from the 3200lb curb weight and hybrid aluminum construction – is standard Audi all wheel drive, Quattro, though I should point out that this car is front wheel drive bias. Just a note.

Switch into Dynamic mode and more power will head to the rear. There is also a magnetic suspension system that instantly changes the TTS’s temperament. Nevertheless, you’ll still need to manage ride comfort expectations, especially if you opt for the dubs. Which you should, based on looks alone. And in case you’re wondering, the TTS is rated for 23/27 city/highway and 25mpg combined.

So what is the 0-60? 4.6 seconds. But because your’e so close to the ground, slung low in the seat, it feels faster. Fortunately, the front brakes, a 4 pot setup wrapped around 13.3-inch ventilated discs, brings things to a confident stop. Though, you’ll need to adjust your pedal modulation compared to many other cars to avoid stopping short.

Impressed? If not…

Slip inside and you’ll immediately gape in awe at the 12.3-inch virtual cockpit, which we just saw in the all new Q7 a few weeks ago. Its complimented by Audi’s MMI system with handwriting, which after just a day of use makes punching in addresses easier than speaking it aloud, and yes, intuitive enough to do while driving. Unfortunately, there is no HUD and Car Play and Android Auto are absent. But there are USB ports for charging, a back up camera and acoustic parking sensors.

Audi has also made excellent use of the dash’s space, or lack of , cleanly integrating the climate controls directly into the vents. Operating them comes naturally, albeit with some time.

Standard is a flat bottom steering wheel and quilted Sport Seats, which can be manipulated 12 ways and offer both adjustable lateral and lumbar support.

What isn’t standard is this Bang Olufsen system. It’s $950 and you’d be remiss to not check that option. Yes, it sounds that good. Especially given the space, or lack there of, that it has to fill.

Now, if you’re wondering about storage, there isn’t much. 12 cubic feet to be exact.

So, what’s left. Nothing. That’s the 2016 Audi TTS. And like I said, it’s unlike anything I’ve driven before, including Mclaren’s 650s or Audi’s R8. Our TTS, all in, with all the features, was $58,000.

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