20 Outrageous Wedding Cakes That Are Geeky Sweet

The wedding season is almost over. Almost. But people, and nerds, get married year-round, so, if you’re looking for a wedding inspiration, here are some of the nerdiest, geekiest cakes we could find, from pop cultural tributes to technological wonders.

1. Star Destroyer


Personally, we would have gone with the Death Star, because the ability to destroy a planet, or at least a mouth drunken relative, strikes us as useful at weddings. But to each their own.

2. Tetris Cake


The only problem with this cake is that you have to remove the slices carefully. Otherwise, you’ll complete a line and the whole thing will collapse. Also you’ll be forced to slice it more quickly while listening to a chiptune version of Russian folk music.

3. Steampunk Cake


There’s something to be said for packing things full of gears, although we do wonder what this did to the flavor of the cake. Was the icing oily?

4. Final Fantasy Cake


So Final Fantasy IV might not be the most beloved entry of the series, not when FFVII is around. But, on the other hand, it’s hard to knock a cake that translates the two dimensional to the three dimensional so perfectly.

5. iPhone Cake

Iphone wedding cake

To properly reflect its inspiration, this cake runs apps extremely quickly, but gets terrible reception if you’re on AT&T. Also, it’s quickly made obsolete, although that’s more to going stale than yearly overhauls of the product line.

6. Mario Kart Cake


The big problem with this cake is that whoever gets the last slice also gets a blue shell, and as we all know from lengthy, drunken bouts of Mario Kart, somebody liquored up and armed with a blue shell is absolutely dangerous. On the other hand, considering it knocks out who’s in the lead, it might be useful to fire into the crowd of people chasing the bouquet.

7. Joker Cake


We’re not sure how wise it is to make a nihilistic terrorist the patron saint of your wedding. The Joker seems like the kind of guy who’d take “crashing the party” as a literal statement. But hey, it’s a cool cake!

8. Kindle Cake

Kindle Wedding Cake

For bonus points on a cake this nerdy, the text is from a biography of Einstein. Really, one-upmanship doesn’t get better than that when it comes to cake design.

9. Superman Cake


There are a lot of Superman cakes out there, being as the Big Blue Boy Scout has been around for a good eighty years or so. But it’s hard not to love this cake, if for no other reason than it manages to get around bright blue and yellow as major colors. Also because it’s the only one we’ve seen that riffs on the shirt opening effectively.

10. Okamiden Cake


So Amaterasu might not be the most polite guest at a wedding, but in this version of her from Okamiden, it’s difficult to argue that she’s not incredibly, incredibly cute. Like, really, who could eat this? Either you’re too overwhelmed by the cute or justly afraid of the sun god.

11. Dalek Cake


OK, OK, so this is a cake topper, but in wedding cakes as in so many things, it’s the thought that counts. Also, let’s face it, a Dalek in a top hat is always going to be hilarious, in any context. Just hopefully they don’t come to life and start exterminating the guests.

12. A Big Stack Of Gaming Consoles


What impresses us is that this isn’t just a random hodgepodge of consoles; those are all seventh and eighth generation consoles on that stack, including a rare version of the GameCube that was only issued in Japan, and they even have fondant controllers. That tells us two things: What the bride and groom did over their honeymoon, and that they actually played those consoles.

13. Borg Cube Cake


Nothing says romance quite like a species dedicated to the complete… eradication of… individuality… you know, maybe we’re thinking just a wee bit too hard about this one.

14. Macross Cake


You can’t see it in this picture, but this cake has a function where, when triggering, it propels dozens of cupcakes towards a target so that they all strike at the same time, completely eradicating it in a blaze of sucrose. After all, there is no kill quite like overkill.

15. Super Nintendo Cake


We like that this console cake not only comes with a Mii cake topper (even if that is a few generations off), but also a cartridge to go with it. But do you have to blow in the cake to play the game?

16. X-Men Cake


This answers two very important questions: What would Wolverine and Mystique look like as cutesier versions of themselves… and what’s the oddest film tribute on a wedding cake ever?

17. Ninja Cake


Man… ninjas try to ruin everything, don’t they?

18. Aliens Cake


We’re not sure that this is precisely what H.R. Giger had in mind when developing his iconic horror monster, but on the other hand, it’s still better than half the movies the Aliens have been in, and at least half of the video games.

19. Indiana Jones Cake


This cake most assuredly does not belong in a museum. And finally…

20. Windows 7 Cake


We don’t know the full story behind this cake, so we’re just going to assume that finally, something good came from a Microsoft product.

Dan Seitz

Dan Seitz is an obsessive nerd living in New England. He lives in the Boston area with a fiancee, a dog, a cat, and far too many objects with processors.

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