2 Subwoofers vs 1

Updated: Oct 20, 2023 11:22 AM

There’s something deeply satisfying about having the right home theatre setup. Finding the best speakers adds to the cinematic experience, but doing this requires a ton of decision-making. For example, is finding the best subwoofer to beef up bass frequencies necessary? Or you can take it even further: should you purchase two? The debate over 2 subwoofers vs 1 continues to rage amongst sound junkies. But never fear; we’ll outline each position below and help you conclude to meet your needs.


  • Choosing the number of subwoofers depends on the size of a room and the type of content you plan on listening to.
  • A single subwoofer provides less power and volume but is easier to manage.
  • Two subwoofers work well for large rooms, allowing owners to optimize the bass response through sound layering.

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Insider Tip

For a dual sub setup, purchase two speakers of the same brand.

Differences Between 1 Subwoofer vs 2 Subwoofers

Choosing between one subwoofer and two isn’t easy; to decide, you need to understand why people advocate for either side. The first thing to understand is your budget, the type of content you plan on listening to, and the space in your room.

It’s also essential to understand what impedance level is required. For more, we have an article explaining 4-Ohm speakers vs 8-Ohm speakers.

We also have helpful articles comparing various subwoofer models, like JBL Charge 5 vs Flip 5.

Power Output

Depending on the size of the speakers, two subwoofers won’t always lead to more power output than one. You may get more power if the single subwoofer is significantly larger than the two smaller speakers. However, using two speakers generally yields more power, meaning higher decibels.

More power is helpful if you have a larger space that needs to be filled. Additionally, if you want a thundering sound quality from movies, games, or music, always look for the most power possible.

Listening Experience

The main advantage of an additional subwoofer is more listening positions. In addition, an extra subwoofer channel allows you to layer the sound, which creates a more holistic and authentic sound experience. Remember that you need to consider your placement options.


Setting up subwoofers with incompatible impedance ratings with the amplifier can cause damage to the equipment.

For example, smaller rooms may not require dual subwoofers, and the bass response from one quality subwoofer will do just fine. It’s also important to know the varying types of subwoofers, like the difference between front-firing vs down-firing subwoofers.


Of course, a single subwoofer box is more manageable than two. A dual setup requires more wiring and more work than a single unit.


Subwoofers can cost anywhere from $20-$5,000. So, all things being equal, purchasing more units will double the cost. However, finding two smaller units that are equal to or cheaper than one larger one may be possible.

STAT: The average subwoofer costs about $80. (source)

2 Subwoofers vs 1 FAQs

What is the best room placement for two subwoofers?

It’s always wise to test multiple locations to see what best corresponds to your preferences. But placing the speakers close to the middle of the room, slightly elevated, is a good position.

What is the difference between a single and double voice coil?

A double voice coil provides an additional channel that lets a single speaker produce stereo audio.

What is the most important thing to look for when buying a subwoofer?

Primarily, you must ensure the impedance rating is compatible with the stereo amplifier. Then, consider things like power level and price.

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