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1983 LEGO Cell Phone

DynaTac’s 8000x was the first commercially available cell phone on March 6, 1983.  According to its Wikipedia page it offered a mere 30 minutes of talk time, 8 hours of standby and probably a lifetime’s worth of cancer.  The price?  $5 short of $4,000.  The 8000x met its demise 2-years later when new models were introduced and finally kicked the bucket with the arrival of much smaller cell phones.  However, no one from our childhood better represents this cell phone than Zach from Saved by the Bell.

Winner of the “Art – Realistic Replica” is this “Brick” phone by Bruce Lowell.  Looks just like the real thing, don’t it?  Unfortunately, it doesn’t make phone calls, but even if you had the original 8000x, it wouldn’t work on today’s digital networks.

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