2012 Holiday Gift Guide: 18 Unique LEGO Gifts Perfect for the Stackable Nerd in Your Family (list)

LEGOs are just a children’s toy, but an iconic brand that has devoted followers across the globe! Not sure what to give that LEGO fanatic that you love for the upcoming holidays?! Well look no further than our LEGO gift guide that has a wide variety of LEGO-themed gifts that any enthusiast would love to add to their collection. From watches to flash drives, collector sets and more, we’ve got you covered in the LEGO gift department! Even the Taj Mahal (10189).

18. LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Mini-Fig Alarm Clock

Wake up bright and early to the LEGO mini-fig version of Darth Vader in alarm clock form. At 8-inches tall, you can move its legs and arms to pose however you want, making it the gift of choice for any LEGO/Star Wars fan who is always running late for only $24.

17. LEGO Unisex Chronograph Multi-Colored Links Watch

Anybody who loves LEGOS and their multi-colored bricks will appreciate sporting this watch that features a variety of colors with style. And at only $70, this gift won’t break the bank.

16. LEGO Star Wars Crossing Zone Tee

For only $18, you can snatch up this unique tee that features LEGO Star Wars characters walking in the same way as the Beatles are walking down Abbey Road.

15. LEGO Mini-Fig 4GB Flash Drive

Save all your files on this LEGO Mini-Fig 4GB Flash Drive or give it as a cute stocking stuffer since it’s only $25.

14. LEGO Hand Crank Dynamo Flash Light Torch

The 7.5-inch tall Giant LEGO Man Flash Torch is a great gift for all ages and has moveable arms, light angling legs and a poseable head. It also has a built-in generator, just crank the arm and watch it work. And for only $21, it makes a great gift.

13. LEGO Knights Kingdom Chess Set

The LEGO Knights Kingdom Chess Set is a great gift for any chess fanatic in  your life. The game features real LEGO Knights and goes for $170.

12. LEGO Logo Mug

Any LEGO lover will love drinking their favorite beverage from this Logo Mug that goes for only $20.

11. LEGO Ice Bricks Tray

For only $6, these Ice Bricks Trays create molded ice that look like real LEGO blocks!

10. LEGO Batman Tumbler Joker’s Ice Cream Surprise Set

This super collectible Batman LEGO set is THE gift for that ultimate collector you love. Priced at $800, it features a variety of mini-figs, with a Tumbler that has a firing launcher and contains 449 pieces.

9. LEGO Unofficial Taxidermy Deer Kit

While not a LEGO-licensed product, this Taxidermy Deer Kit is still a pretty cool gift for those who like extraordinary girts (or like LEGOs and hunting). The kit comes with instructions and mostly new LEGO pieces and goes for $28.

8. LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Set

LEGO has a new set for fans revolving around the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) that includes a complete set of mini-figs, Shellraiser Street Cahse set and more.

7. LEGO TinkerBrick Case for iPod Touch 4G

For the music and LEGO fan that you know, get them this yellow TinkerBrick Case for their iPod Touch 4G for only $33.

6. LEGO Star Wars Death Star Set

Ultimate fans NEED this set to make their collection complete, which has 3,803 pieces and is a huge fan favorite.

5. LEGO Star Wars Shadow Trooper Black Tuxedo Cufflinks

Any LEGO/Star Wars fanatic would love to have a night out on the town with a set of these unique Wars Shadow Trooper Black Tuxedo Cufflinks that go for $36!

4. LEGO Moleskine Limited Edition Yellow Brick Notebook

The pocket-sized LEGO Moleskine Limited Edition Yellow Brick Notebook makes a great gift for any creative type in your life! It comes with LEGO-themed adhesive labels and retails for only $12.

3. LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Set

With 1,200 pieces, fans will love to get this iconic set as a gift this holiday season that mimics the Millennium Falcon from Episode IV.

2. LEGO Star Wars Super Star Destroyer Set

No LEGO Star Wars collection should go without this iconic set that has more than 3,000 pieces and weighs about 8 pounds and is about 50 inches long!

1. BrickGun LEGO sets

Although they’re not real guns, these BrickGun sets are made using LEGOs and come with everything you need to create a LEGO gun. Prices vary depending on the model and go from $50 on up. Models include pistols, machine guns and more.

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