18 Real World Things You Can Do and See in GTA V That is Sure to Make It a Hit

Yesterday Rockstar released their first Gameplay trailer for the upcoming title GTA V, and dear Science, was it amazing. I mean, come on, did ya see it? Stop. Don’t answer, I can’t hear you. You are reading my words through a monitor or mobile screen and I know you have anyway. Kidding aside, it was fun and got me excited. So excited in fact, I chose to write and share with you the 18 things I am looking forward to in the new game.

Disclaimer: These items are listed in no particular order other than the ease of the writer’s transitions.

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1. Swimming Underwater (Scuba) (10 secs) (2:49)


Oh for so long I loathed how my character would drive off of a cliff, escaped the car before crash, plop into the water and unceremoniously drown without even an attempt at getting to shore. Sure, they fixed that issue in later iterations, but then swimming back to shore was just a dull and laborious process, especially when I finally got to shore only to realize I couldn’t climb out of the water. This time swimming, could be fun. Looks like we get scuba gear, and may even get a chance to explore some sunken ships. You know what that means folks, Treasure!

2. Jets (15 secs)


That’s right, Jets! Planes with rockets strapped to ‘em, yes please! Before you go typing out a rant down in the comments, understand, I do realize that flight has been technically possible since GTA III, but it’s never looked as cool as this. The last San Andreas, had some decent flight time, but never did it look this splendid. From the little bit of jet flight they show us in the trailer, I’m going to go ahead and assume that there are a few air courses and/or stunts you can perform while airborne, maybe they’ll include dogfights too.

3. Venice Beach and Boardwalk (25 secs, 2:07)


If you’ve never been to LA, you haven’t the slightest idea how much fun a trip to the Venice Boardwalk can be. It’s practically a living circus with a black market surrounding the center ring. You can purchase sunglasses, pizza by the slice, clothes, drugs, sporting equipment, hell, I bet you could purchase a person if you looked hard enough. What makes me most excited about this inclusion is that I’m hoping that Rockstar includes charachtures of some of the more noteworthyperformers” that frequent the area. And speaking of interesting characters…

4. New Random Freaks (2:57)


Their words, not mine. GTA IV had a few loud spouting randos sprinkled throughout Liberty City that had little to do with the rest of the game, but helped bring a bit of humor to the tedium of running around and saving Bellic. Southern California is loaded with individuals of such a nature and I can’t wait to see what kind of dialogue they’ll be spewing at the player characters.

5. Shanty Towns (31 secs)


As long as I can remember Los Angeles has been host to certain areas where unfortunate individuals have congregated together into small unincorporated communities. Since the financial/housing crisis a few years back, many more have sprung up and often in places you’d never quite imagine. I’m curious to see just where Rockstar decides to place these Tent Towns and who they chose to populate them with. Crazy antics should definitely follow a visit to one of these places.

6. Marijuana Dispensaries (2:02)


What would Southern California be without legally obtained marijuana? Bonus points if they include the innocent liking girl behind the counter who knows more about pot than you do about your own grooming habits.

7. Scenery reminiscent of Skyrim (37 secs)


The expanse of the game world is impressive on its own, but take a moment to take in how beautiful the scenery is. I can already see myself stepping away from the plot of the game just to drive my character into the woods for a leisurely hike and meditation.

8. 3 protagonists (59 secs)


3 protagonists on launch day means one thing to me. No need to create several save states so I can watch all possible plot outcomes. Each of these characters has a specific and entirely different personality, giving the player the ability to be kind, rude, or just plain awful to the NPC’s depending on which character you’re using at the time. Yay.

9. “Voyeurism” (2:10)

I’ve got mixed feelings on this one. For one, we shouldn’t be training gamers to be creepers, they already have ongoing issues with that and adding it as a fun feature shouldn’t be endorsed. Then again, when I play games like GTA, I ruthlessly kill loads of people, and I’ve never even imagined doing something like that in real life so I guess I should just shut my mouth. The ability to cut from the story-line of one character to another is quite astonishing in my opinion. I perceive open world/story games to be an example of what cinema could be. The player has the ability to direct a film as they watch/play it. Adding the cutting between characters only adds another sense of depth. I’m all for it. (I added no picture because stills do not do this justice)

10. Vantage point cutting (1:40)


In addition to the voyeurism thing, you will now have the ability to switch points of view between characters. I’m not quite sure how the control of this will work, whether the game itself will chose when you switch or if the option is controlled by the player. If it is the later, this could be one of the things we will see cloned into many other upcoming games. So far, I hope so.

11. Huge Vehicle Customization options (2:39)


Honestly, I’ve never held onto a car in GTA long enough to care about customizing it, but 75 color options for paint, 25 for wheels, Rockstar is approaching Gran Turismo levels of customization.

12. Sports – Golf (2:37) Hunting (2:54) Tennis (3:26) Cycling (3:28) Sky Diving/ Base Jumping (3:29)


I initially was going to list these separately, but goodness man there are just so many, (and most online readers don’t like to read long articles), so I’ve compiled them together. Rockstar wants you to know that they’re hip to the whole Meta thing so they included more games in their game so you can game while you game. Think about it, all they need to do is a Mario skin to the game and you’ve got all the Wii games you’d ever want to play without ever removing the GTA V disk.

13. Cover System (3:10)



14. More pleasurable driving mechanics (3:22)


If you played GTA IV, you know why I’m happy for this. If not, don’t worry about it, enjoy driving fast in this one.

15. Possibly Dynamic objects (3:50)

wall phsX

Don’t know if this is a cut scene or actual gameplay, but look at that wall crumble. If physics like this are included in the game, I’m heading straight to the Valley and demolishing houses for a solid hour.

16. Heist Planning (3:56)


I’m interested in seeing how this works out in the game. It can either add a fun level of depth and customization to the game or be an insanely detailed, frustrating mess of a pacing killer. I’ll wait to make that judgment.

17. Dynamic Economy – Stock Market (4:29) Real Estate (4:31)


After you’ve accumulated a nice wad of funds, you’ll now have the option of investing in stock and or real estate. This is actually quite interesting. For this to work, Rockstar has added a dynamic economy to the game, meaning that your actions have longer lasting results to your game. Testing this economy is going to be a kick. How difficult do you think it will be to crash the whole system? If funds are still gained by murder and destruction, as with previous games, will the most reckless player be able to amass a large enough fortune to monopolize the entire economic structure? Only time will tell.

18. GTA Online (4:37)


They only hinted at it in the trailer, but the hint says that there’s more to come. Now I’m anticipating the trailer for that. Come on Rockstar, I can only pine for so much at once. Why do you do these things to us? More please!

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