15 Vadering Pics George Lucas Would be Proud Of (list)


Planking is so 2012! Now the new thing to do is Vadering! So this new meme crazy involves two people (or more) recreating the famous Star Wars scene in which Darth Vader uses the Force to grab an opposing character in a choke hold. These photos are everywhere on the web and we’ve collected 15 of the most compelling ones!

15. Girl Fights

We love it when chick get in on all the geek action, especially when it comes to anything Star Wars related!

14. Co-Worker Bout

So when you’re busy at work and your annoying co-worker comes over to bug, just do what Darth Vader would do and vader their ass!

13. Mini Vadering

Whenever you find a mini Vader, make sure you get him to bust his all-powrful vadering moves on you!

12. Diva Vadering

This chick has her vadering moves down and provides some extra theatrics by trying her skills in a knell down pose, head away pose.

11. Vadering On The Court

What do you do when you’re playing some basketball and your opponent is beating you? Simply bust your vadering on him, duh!

10. Multitasking

This guy proves that vadering is fairly simple and requires no effort as he sips on his drink.

9. Fitness First

Vadering takes work, and keeping up with your fitness should be a top priority to be able to handle any subject, regardless of how much they weigh.

8. Vadering Objects

Vadering a person is one thing, but being able to add in an object means you have some serious skills and the Force is really with you.

7. Team Vadering

Why only Vader one person, when you can get several!

6. Nonchalant Vadering

This guy is a master at Vadering and does so in such a nonchalant manner that it’s already second nature for him.

5. Vadering Made Easy


Here’s another guy who makes Vadering seem so easy as he uses the Force on his co-worker while messing with his phone.

4. How High Can You Go

This guy takes Vadering to new heights…literally! He gets major air on his victim here…and he clearly knows it with that smirk on his face.

3. The Force Is Strong With The Young

It’s important to start them young, real young…

2. Darth Vader Incarnate

Darth Vader in the flesh (or costume) likes to practice his Vadering skills on random dudes.

1. Two Hands

Master the art of Vadering not only with one hand, but with two!f

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  1. This guy is a master at Vadering and does so in such a nonchalant manner that it’s already second nature for him.

    No way. Looks more like he’s following an Instructable.

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