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15 Top Gadgets For Your Super Bowl Party (list)

Are you ready for some ultimate football?!

Super Bowl XLVI is just days away and you know what that means, right?! Football and lots of partying and drinking with your best buds. Even if the New York Giants or the New England Patriots aren’t your NFL teams of choice, you can still partake in all the Super Bowl festivities that’ll take place this Sunday like a true party champ. Whether you’re hosting a huge bash for all your pals at your house or making your way to a friend’s house, we’ve provided you with some essential goods every awesome Super Bowl party needs (besides good company and drinks, of course)!

15. The Grill Sergeant Apron

Are you ready for some grilling?! With the Grill Sergeant Apron you will be given it holds everything you’ll ever need (or want) for an afternoon of grilling delicious steaks, yummy hotdogs and hamburgers and so much more.

14. Football Cocktail Shaker

Mix up your favorite drinks with a shaker that looks like a football! The Football Cocktail Shaker is the ultimate way to shake up some fun at your Super Bowel party this Sunday.

13. Brewsees Sunglasses

Sunglasses that double as a bottle opener are a must for the big game, especially if you’re going to be watching it from any where on the West Coast, where the sun will most likely be out. Pick up some stylish Brewsees before you hit your Super Bowl fiestas.

12. Blacktop 360 Party Hub Grill-Fryer

The Blacktop 360 Grill-Fryer features a patented technology to make your Super Bowl menu stellar and scrumptious. It packs a generous 20 oz. capacity so you can fry up all your party eats in no time.

11. Beer Froster Fridge

As a fridge made especially for the sole purpose to provide cold beers, the Beer Froster fridge is a must have at any Super Bowl party. You’ll have the coldest beers in town with this fridge at your party since it’s made to keep beers at a cool 24 degrees, which is the absolute coldest temperature it can be without freezing.

 10. Dual Wave Versatile Blender

Blend up the best margaritas around for those female guests at your Super Bowl party who aren’t into drinking beer with the Dual Wave Versatile Blender. You’ll be able to blend two different flavors at the same time, so the senoritas can get drunk faster.

9. Krups and Heineken BeerTender

Keep the beer flowing with this ultimate home draught beer dispenser from Krups that’s made engineered to work exclusively with Heineken, Heineken Premium Light and Newcastle Brown Ale. It’s ultra quiet and efficient Peltier cooling system provides constant and consistent cooling of the keg so all you get is nothing but refreshing beer all the time.

8. BeerPager Remote Control Beer Locator

Keep track of your beer with unique and fun BeerPagers. These electronic drink holders not only keep your beer cold, but also locate it when you can’t remember where you last placed it. But it also provides laughs with its fun sounds that vary with each of the five different Beerpager types.

7. Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven

Keep all your delicious finger foods warm with the Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven that rotates the try to assure even baking and warming. It’s easy to use and require no real cooking, which means more time to watch the big game.

6. Clicker Universal Remote with Bottle Opener

Control up to 8 devices AND open up your favorite beer at the same time with the Clicker Universal Remote with Bottle Opener, which will be an essential item for your upcoming Super Bowl party.

5. Madden NFL 12

Get amped for the big game and play your own version of the Super Bowl with your favorite teams with Madden NFL 12 (for either Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3). Challenge your best buds and get ready for the real game between the NY Giants and New England Patriots.

4. Excalibur Electronics NFL Football Remote

Whether you’re a huge football fan or not, the Excalibur Electronics NFL Football remote control is the ultimate accessory for any Super Bowl party. Friends will be more than impressed as you control multiple electronics with this football-shaped remote and be envious of your new toy.

3. Grill N Chill

If you’re looking to have the ultimate Super Bowl party, it won’t be complete without the Grill N Chill system that features everything you need to get the party started. It’s a stainless steel grill that has a built-in stereo, ice chest, cutting boards, draft system, and more.

2. Vizio Soundbar 5.1 Surround Sound Home Theater

Watching the game isn’t only part of the Super Bowl experience, while the other is listening to all the action and what better way to get amazing sound than with Vizio’s Soundbar 5.1 Surround Sound Home Theater. Not only does it look good, but it also delivers big home theater sound that’s perfect for HDTVs that are 40” or larger.

1. Mitsubishi 92-inch WD-92840 Cinema TV

Watch the big game on a huge ass TV like the 92-inch WD-92840 Cinema TV from Mitsubishi. This cinema TVs offer a larger than life, intensely vivid 2D and fully immersive 3D viewing experience, and the Super Bowl is just the kind of thing you’d want to experience on this massive beast. Made for “media” rooms, everybody will have the best seat in the house with this bad boy at the center of your ultimate Super Bowl party.

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  1. The best thing about these gadgets is that you can use them for the stanley cup playoffs as well!

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