15 Secret Doors Disguised as Bookshelves That You Can Add to Your Home (list)

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Updated June 27, 2022

Secret Bookshelve Doors

The coolest houses are the ones that have secret doors that lead to other mysterious places (or just even the next room over). We’ve compiled some of the coolest secret bookcase doors on the web for your viewing pleasure! And if you’ve already added a bar to your home, you will love these 9 must-have bar gadgets that will make you the entertainer of the summer.

 15. Secret Passage With Ladder

ladder bookshelf

Now this isn’t your ordinary secret passage bookshelf since it requires a ladder to reach!

14. Minimalist Secret Passage Bookshelf

minimalist bookshelf

Secret passage bookshelves are usually very antique-ish with a very vintage feel to them, but that’s not always the case as seen with this minimalist one that would look great in any modern decor home.

13. Clue-like Secret Passage Bookshelf

New Oreleans Millworks Hidden Door Bookshelf

This one looks as if it belongs in the mystery game Clue! It’s a wood floor-to-celing secret passage that goes from the library to who knows where…

12. Hidden Staircase Secret Passage Bookshelf

secret staircase bookshelf

Even though this one isn’t all dressed up with books, you can still imagine the curiosities that lie behind this secret passage bookshelf that leads to a mysterious staircase.

10. Under the Stairs Secret Passage Bookshelf

Under the stairs bookshelf

This one looks as if it’s the doorway to a closet rather than another room, but it still looks very cool!

9. Artistic Secret Passage Bookshelf

artistic bookshelf

While most have this old school look to them, this one is a bit more artistic, giving off a very creative secret passage bookshelf with its ornate details and unique color combo.

8. Tea Room Secret Passage Bookshelf

tea room bookshelf
This one has to be in an English home somewhere since its secret passage leads to a tea room.

7. Double Door Secret Passage Bookshelf

Double Door to the attic

What’s better than one secret door…TWO! This double door one leads occupants to the mysterious attic.

6. Secret Bathroom Bookshelf

secret bathroom door

You would never know that there’s a bathroom behind this secret passage bookshelf!

5. Room Divider Secret Passage Bookshelf

room divider

Doors are so ordinary, so why not divide two rooms with a secret passage bookshelf that’s definitely a conversation starter with guests!

4. Secret Rec Room Bookshelf

Pool Secret Room

Every rec room/man cave should have its own secret passage bookshelf that leads to the kitchen!

3. Laundry Room Secret Passage Bookshelf

laundry room secret door

Easily hide your washer and dryer with a secret bookshelf that will distract guests from your dirty clothes in the laundry.

2. Hidden Library Secret Passage Bookshelf

hidden library

This one is a bit strange since it’s a secret passage bookshelf that leads to another hidden library, but those stairs are a bit mysterious. This secret back door would keep anything in your house safe and secure.

1. Secret Passage Bookshelf To Apocalypse Safe Room


Every house needs a secret passage bookshelf to their very own apocalypse safe room filled with guns ammo and more!

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