GoPro cameras have become the go-to device for capturing some of life’s amazing moments and dare devils and action sport enthusiasts love getting the craziest feats on film, allowing those of us less inclined to such hazards an amazing POV we would have never otherwise experienced. Known for their durability and portability, GoPro cameras can literally go anywhere – from the outer edges of earth to its deepest oceans. Grab your best GoPro, and you’ll be getting the best underwater footage before you know it. Check out some of the most extreme GoPro videos we’ve rounded up!

15. Swimming With Dolphins – Shot by Mark Peters

This isn’t your tourist attraction swimming with the dolphins where  you get to “play” with a trained dolphin after doling out a couple hundred bucks. No, this one is pretty much out there with some wild dolphins that seem to be pretty interested in the GoPro filming them off the coast of Santa Cruz, CA.

14. POV Crane Climb – Shot by James Medias

If you’re afraid of heights, this video will scare the sh*t out of you! The POV Crane Climb in Southhampton UK is pretty intense.

13. Flying Eagle – Shot by Srachi

Ever wonder what it must be like to fly above the trees and soar like an eagle? Well this video will show you…literally!

12. Riding With Sharks – Shot by Roberta Mancino and Mark Healey

An underwater adventure captured using GoPro’s Dive Housing and HD Hero2 camera made for some pretty cool footage with sharks.

11. Buck vs Biker – Shot by MCSMCC

What happens with a biker encounters a buck? Check out the video to find out!

10. First BMX Triple Blackflip – Shot by Unit

You’re probably get a bit dizzy when watching BMX rider Jed Mildon land the first-ever BMX triple backflip…but his POV while doing it is pretty cool and terrifying at the same time!

9. Airplane Tail Grab – Shot by David and Billy Werth

You couldn’t pay us a million bucks to try and do an “inverted tail grab,” ass see here by brothers David and Billy Werth, who race down a runway to perform their favorite stunt.

8. Big Wave Surfing – Shot by Ramon Navarro

Catch some waves…at least from your computer with this sick video of famed surfer Ramon Navarro sliding through a huge ass wave in Chile.

7. Stolen GoPro – Shot by Nathalie Rollandin

Seagulls eat anything and everything, including a GoPro…check out the crazy footage of what it’s like to be a seagull.

6. Flying Wingsuit Man – Shot by Jeb Corliss

Don’t be surprised if your hands get sweaty and your heart beats a bit faster after watching this flying wing suit man tumble through the air.

5. Skydiving GoPro – Shot by Martialart23

This GoPro forgot its parachute and does a 12,500-ft. freefall.

4. Up Close and Personal With a Great White – Shot By Ocean Ramsey

Sharks are scary ass beasts, but not to free diver Ocean Ramsey who gets too close to a Great White for our comforts!

3. Avalanche Clip Jump- Shot by Matthias Giraud

Man, lucky this guy had a parachute is all we have to say!

2. Vertical Skydiving World Record – Shot by Jonathan Pears

It took 138 people to make the Vertical Skydiving World Record for foaming a snowflake formation while diving to the earth at 220mph. They make it seem as if its super simple.

1. Free Falling – Shot by Felix Baumgartner

Standing on the edge of his capsule, Felix Baumgartner made history as he jumped from 24 miles above the earth’s surface to break the sound barrier.

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