13 iPad Mini Retina Cases That Deserve Big Attention 2014 (list)

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The iPad mini with retina display is one of the hottest tablets on the market and if you have one, you probably want to protect it, fight? Even though it’s aluminum design looks pretty darn stylish on it’s own, you wouldn’t want to accidentally drop it and have it break, so do yourself a favor and buy a case for it. We’ve rounded up some of the coolest cases around!

13. Moshi VersaCover Mini Origami Case


Practical and stylish is what you get with the Moshi VersaCover Mini Origami Case ($50) that features a polycarbonate shell and microfiber cover. It has Moshi’s origami-inspired folding design, so you can prop your tablet at various angles in either portrait or landscape view, while the cover has built-in magnets your tablet automatically goes to sleep when you close it and springs to life when you open it.

12. Chil Notchbook Case


The plush leather folio case ($35) allows you to you to slide your hand in and hold your tablet comfortably and securely with one hand. It features a microsuede lining, a padded leather exterior, unfettered access to ports and controls and more.

11. Mujjo iPad Mini Sleeve


The Mujjo iPad Mini Sleeve ($62) is made with high-quality leather and a fashionable blend of thick wool felt. Easily slide your iPad mini in and out of the hand-crafted sleeve, while a leather strap holds it all in place.

10. Griffin Zatterino Sleeve


The Griffin Zatterino Sleeve ($45) is great for creative types! It looks like a paper package, but it’s really made from paper and biopolymer layers, making it impossible to rip or tear. And it’s water resistant, but best of all, is that you can customize it anyway you want by painting or drawing on the outside.

9. XtremMac Tuffwrap Play


If you usually like to play games on your iPad mini retina, then the XtremMac Tuffwrap Play ($40) is the case you want since it’s durable, flexible and provides you with ergonomic side grips that make your tablet comfortable to hold for long gaming sessions. Its handles can double as a stand and even though it’s a bulky case, it doesn’t block any access to ports or fetters.

8. Incipio LGND Case


The Incipio LGND Case ($35) is made from vegan leather and a plextonium shell, opening like a folio but its origami-design cover lets you hold it into various stand positions. Inside there’s microsuede, while it’s touch plastic shell will protect it from bumps.

7. iLuv Simple Folio Case


Minimal in design, the iLuv Simple Folio Case ($35) is great for those who like it simple. If you fold the cover back, you’ve got a two-position stand for typing or watching movies. Inside, there’s a soft, patterned lining while the exterior is made with durable faux leather.

6. Grove Wood Stand Case


Unique and all-natural is what you get with the Grove Wood Stand Case ($39)! The protective case is carved from maple wood and features a bamboo cover that rolls back to double as a stand. Ultra-suede lining keeps the screen protected from scratches, while it’s snugly held in place by rare-earth magnets.

5. SwitchEasy CoverBuddy Case


If you’re looking for a cheap but durable case, the SwitchEasy CoverBuddy Case ($20) is what you need. It features a hard plastic shell that snaps into place leaving room for the existing Smart Cover lid from Apple. Its cut-outs are  present and correct, and there are grilles to protect the speakers, and button covers for the sleep/wake and volume keys.

4. Kensington Portafolio Me Case


The Kensington Portafolio Me Case ($40) lets you add a personal touch to your iPad mini with retina display since you can remove the back panel to reveal a clear window and place a photo of your choice there. It also feats a standard hard shell, microfiber lining and can can be folded to act as a landscape stand.

3. Bukcase Leather Sleeve


Made using  one piece of premium Italian leather, the handcrafted Bukcase Leather Sleeve ($60) is a great choice for protecting your tablet before tossing it in your bag. You can even add a monogram to it for $16.

2. Pelican ProGear Vault Series Tablet Case


Your iPad mini with retina display will be securely protected with the Pelican ProGear Vault Series Tablet Case ($62) that features an aluminum hinge and Dragontail glass that protect your the iPad’s camera. It’s also rated IP54 for water resistance and momentary immersion.

1. Belkin Apex 360 Advanced Protection Case


The Belkin Apex 360 Advanced Protection Case ($70) passed military standards for drop tests from up to 6 feet so you know it’s really durable! Thanks to a ridged design that creates pockets of air, this case can really absorb some shock. It features a rubberized exterior for grin and the automatic wake/sleep function is supported.

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