12 Wearable Devices That’ll Make Your New Year’s Resolution a Reality (list)

Wearable Devices

Exercising has never been easier thanks to a multitude of devices that help track your exercising habits and fitness goals. Sure, you still have to put in the work, but now you can monitor your fitness regime to make sure you’re on the right track to meeting your goals using these wearable devices. From tracking calories burned, miles ran to your sleep and calorie intake, these gadgets will help take the guess work out from your fitness regime so that you get the results you want.

And the best part about them is that they won’t interfere with your workout since they’re wearable. No checking your phone every so often to make sure an app is working properly or carrying around your smartphone to track everything. Simply put on the device (whether they’re a wristband or clip-on gadget) and you’re workout data will be tracked for you to analyze later.

12. Withings Pulse

Withings Pulse-005

The Withings Pulse isn’t much to look at, but you should never judge a book by its cover.  It’s able to not only track steps, calories, and event detect when you’re running vs walking, but it also includes a heart rate monitor that  can read the pulse in your finger tip (hence its name).  Conveniently, and unlike so many other pedometers, the Pulse charges via microUSB.

11. Basis Heath and Heart Rate Monitor


The Basis provides you with insights into your fitness and how ell you sleep to reveal simple healthy habits that fit easily into your lifestyle. It’s advanced sensors capture heart rate patterns, calories, sleep quality and more so that you can have a better guide on what’s going on with your health.

10.Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch


The Kreyos Smartwatch is a hands-free way wear your digital life on your wrist. It’s easy to wear while on the move, making it the perfect addition to your workout regime since it can track your fitness goals, in addition to answering calls, playing music and more.

9. MetaWatch STRATA

MetaWatch STRATA

The STRATA smart sportwatch is designed to compliment your Android or iOS smartphone so you can track your workout and do other cool things like check messages, see who’s calling, control music, view weather, and more, all from your wrist. And it comes in a variety of different color schemes to match your personality.

8. Misfit Shine Activity Tracker

misfit shine

Not only will this activity tracker count your steps, but it will also track your cycling and swimming workouts. Since it’s wireless you can sync all the data with your phone by just laying it on top of it! And its gorgeous all-metal construction makes it look cooler, while it’s small size allows you to wear it anywhere!

7. Larklife Wristband


Not only will the Larklife Wristband track your exercise habits, but it also tracks your sleep and food intake. It’s two separate wristbands sold in one convenient package.  The deice tracks steps taken, can discern between walking and running, and allows you to track your meals (when you eat them), with the push of a button.

6. Nike+ Sportswatch


The Sportswatch combines combines the accelerometer data from the Fuelband, with the accuracy of GPS powered by none other than TomTom, which translates to extra overtime even if you’re not working out. you can use the Nike+ sensor to continue to monitor your calories burned as you curl, squat, and dead lift your body into submission. Or you can war it while sitting on the couch relaxing to track your sedentary life.

5. Jawbone UP


The UP is a bit like like the Fitbit One as it tracks your daily activity by keeping tabs on your steps, calories burned, as well as your sleep patterns. The Jawbone UP is available now in Black only for $129.99 and comes in three different sizes to perfectly fit your wrist.

4. Sync Burn

Sync Burn

The SYNC Burn fitness band features Bluetooth 4.0 technology, which allows you to wirelessly transfer your workout information to your Bluetooth-enabled mobile device, while its reversible watch strap allows wearing comfort. It tracks your 24-hour calorie burn through your heart rate and motion intensity, as well as distance traveled, steps taken and elapsed time to provide a comprehensive picture of your health. And at only $99 it’s a steal!

3. Fitbit Force


The new Fitbit Force combines Fitbit’s One and Flex models and is a lot like Nike’s FuelBand. It can track track steps, show you the time of day, floors climbed, keep tabs on your distance, calories burned and your actual activity minutes. You can also monitor your sleep and wake you using a vibrating alarm like the Fitbit One. Get one for $129.95.

2. Adidas Smartwatch

adidas Smartwatch-3

Adidas is targeting runners with their upcoming smartwatch that will be available in November. The smartwatch  features a GPS connection to track the runner’s activity, comes with Bluetooth connectivity, a heart rate sensor to track performance and provide feedback, and heart rate training guidance via the watch’s screen and vibration. It’ll retail for $399.

1. Nike FuelBand SE


As the second iteration of the FuelBand, the SE version of the wrist-worn pedometer adds Bluetooth 4.0 so that it’s always connected to your iPhone and doesn’t need you to hold he button and select the Sync option. It also features updated circuitry for improved flexibility, increased water resistance and adds more color schemes. The accompaning app has also been updated. It’ll go on sale in November and retail for $149.

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