12 Super Cool Superhero iPhone 5 Cases (list)

SuperHero iPhone Cases

With all the superhero movies out now, it’s kind of hard not to have a favorite. You have The Avengers, Thor, Captain America, Wolverine, Batman, Iron Man… there’s just too many to name! In our opinion, they are all our favorites. And to celebrate the popularity of all the superhero movies, we’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest superhero iPhone 5 cases around (which we’d sport all of them)!

12. Vintage Avengers Case

Vintage Avengers Case

If you’re a nostalgic kind of comic book person, then this Vintage Avengers Case is just what you need to protect your iPhone 5. Get it for only $5.99.

11. The Incredible Hulk Case

the hulk

Show off your pride for The Incredible Hulk with this badass case for $14.97.

10. Iron Man & Batman Case

batman ironman iphone case


Can’t decide who is your favorite superhero between Iron Man and Batman? Well you don’t have to decide with this case that features both for $14.99.

9. Wonder Woman Case

wonder woman case

Wonder Woman looks HOT on this iPhone 5 case that will have you starring at it quite often! And it’s only $5.78.

8. Superman Cartoon Case

Superman Cartoon iPhone 5 Case

The man of steel has been transformed into a cartoon-like iPhone 5 case to protect it from all harm! And it’s only $9.19!

7. Dead Pool Super Hero Comic Case


Show off your love for Dead Pool with the Dead Pool Super Hero Comic iPhone 5 Case that’s made from durable plastic and has the image printed using crystal clear enamel coating for a long lasting effect. eBay has it for $18.95.

6. Wolverine Case

wolverine iphone 5 case

If Wolverine is your favorite superhero then this is the iPhone 5 case you’ll need! For only $15, you can walk around with this cool Wolverine Case protecting your phone (blades not included)!

5. Iron Man Cartoon Case

ironman iphone 5 case

This Iron Man Cartoon iPhone 5 Case makes a great gift for any Iron Man fan in your life! Or simply sport it on your own phone for $9.19!

4. Marvel Super Heroes Case

marvel super hero case

All your favorite superheroes are depicted on this one cool Marvel Case that features Wolverine, Thor, the Hulk, Captain America and more for only $14.39.

3. Green Lantern Super Hero Comic Case

green lantern case

Even though you can’t protect the world, you can at least protect  your iPhone 5 with the Green Lantern Super Hero Comic iPhone 5 Case that’s made from durable plastic and is made from high-grade, lightweight plastic. Get yours for $21.99.

2. Batman Cartoon Case

batman cartoon iphone 5 case

The capped crusader case will save your iPhone 5 from scratches and look stylish while doing it for only $9.19.

1. Marvel Collector’s Edition Captain America and Spiderman Case

marvel collectors cases

Protect y our iPhone 5 with the  Marvel Collector’s Edition iPhone 5 Captainn America and Spiderman Case, which  features the superhero’s shield and Spiderman’s iconic logo. It may look as if it’s scratched but it’s part of the graphics, making it seem as if it’s been through quite an adventure. Each one is $38.39.

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