11 GTA 5 Halloween Costume Ideas (list)

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Updated June 27, 2022

Halloween’s quickly approaching folks and it’s time to finalize your costume decisions. I’ll make it simple for ya, I’ll bet you 5,000 internets that you’ll end up going as your favorite comic, movie or video game character. Remember when Halloween costumes were supposed to be scary? Yeah, yeah, the past’s the past. I know, I know. I simply get sentamental sometimes, forgive me. Just to help prove to everyone that I’ve not yet turned into the crotchety old man I’m destined to become, I’ve compiled a list of GTA 5 costume ideas for ya. I’ve picked some of my favorite characters for you to chose from and have even gone ahead and done the hard work of finding clothing articles to complete your costumes.

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Don’t feel pressured to stick to the brands I’ve linked to in the lists below, they’re simply my best guesses of what the models are based off of. Also, this is Halloween, don’t go buying new stuff for a costume, go search out some of his stuff in your local thrift shop and save some dough. Trust me, Watch Dogs isn’t going to be cheap.

As I sated above, I’ve picked some of my favorite characters from the city of Los Santos to help inspire your costumes. Trust me, there are tons of NPC’s that I could have picked, but these here are some of the best. Since not everyone at your Halloween Party will be a gamer and obscure costumes rarely win contests, let’s start with the Protagonists.

1. Michael De Santa

michael gtav

The retired bank robber with domestic difficulties. Michael here is pretty simple to duplicate, your biggest issue is going to be performing a decent Ray Liotta impersonation. At least one as good as Ned Luke’s anyway.

What You’ll Need::

2. Franklin Clinton


Franklin! The man with the impressive driving skills. Picking up the stuff for his costume will not only pretty, but cheap as well. Here in LA there are Dickies shops all over the place, you can find one in almost every neighborhood. If you aren’t luck enough to live in the land of sun and switches, I’ve provided links.

What You’ll Need::

3. Trevor Philips


The lifetime criminal and meth dealer that lives in the desert. If ya take a look at Trevor, his duds mimic that of most gamers after work. You probably have everything you need in your closet. THe only real drag is that to be able to really pull this off, you’re probably gonna need to shave the bald spot.

What You’ll Need:

4. All Three


If you’re heading to a party with friends, this one will get you an easy pass throughout the night. Gamers will recognize the masks and those that don’t will simply think “Oh, bank robers, cool”. If you’re not the group costume type of person, keep reading, I”m sure you’ll find something you’ll like.

What You’ll Need:

And now for some of the more interesting supporting cast

5. Tonya Wiggins


The neighborhood crackhead, what more is there to say?

What You’ll Need:

6. MaryAnn Quinn


What Halloween lost in scary, it made up for it with slutty and revealing. Ladies, if you’ve got it, flaunt it and what better way to flaunt it than with a two piece spande track suit? Yoga pants and pasties, that’s’ whats better, but this is a close second. I’ll be looking out for this one come Hallow’s Eve.

What You’ll Need:

7. Griff


Griff here doesn’t have much personality to comment on. In game he spouts on and on about immigration law. Just yell out random profanities at sporadic intervals and you’ll do fine.

What You’ll Need:

8. Beverly Felton


Paparazzi feminine hygiene product extraordinaire! Mr. Felton here is going to be a fun one. I link to a fake camera below, but imagine the fun of staying in character all night and posting all the risque photos to FaceBook the next morning. Who needs friends when you have internet drama?

What You’ll Need:

9. Lester Crest


Depending on whether or not your parent’s are making your wardrobe decisions for you, you probably don’t have Lester’s shirt in your closet. If you don’t, I bet your father does, maybe it’s time for a quick trip to the rent’s place for a hot meal and a shirt swipe.

What You’ll Need:

10. Jimmy De Santa

jimmy gya v

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, whatever are we going to do with you? Although he’s voiced by the cooler half of Pete and Pete, Jimmy’s wardrobe is just sad. If you can’t find the outfit shown above, just watch a couple episodes of Entourage, you can pick from pretty much anything Turtle’s wearing.

What You’ll Need:

11. Lamar Davis


I saved my favorite for last. Although a horrible stereotype of black people, I have to admit, his lines are hilarious. Much of his costume can probably be found at your local Target, but the real coup de gras will be getting the man’s confident stride down.

What You’ll Need:

There we have it, 11 costume ideas that are both relevant and cheap. Personally, I think adult Halloween would be way more fun if we all had to stick to impersonating whoever we’re dressed as. Think how great 2008 would have been if everyone dressed as the Joker from The Dark Night actually went out on the streets playing with people’s heads. It would be so much greater with dozens if not hundreds of Trevors rampaging, don’t ya think? Either way, click away, pick a costume and have a terrific Halloween.

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