Life is hard and for those hard moment’s we’re all thankful for alcohol. Whether its a few shots of you favorite hard liquor or swigs from your favorite brew, it’s those happy hours, night outs at the bar and weekend drinking tests that make life a bit easier. So for those of us who can’t wait for happy hour or the the weekend to come for a night of total debauchery comes this list of the coolest alcohol gadgets that’ll inspire a night of total drunkenness. And to keep you safe from drunk driving or drunk texting your ex, we’ve even included a few BAC devices to let you know when you’ve had enough.

11. SteadyServ iKeg

steadyserv ikeg

If you own a bar or restaurant, then you’ll probably will love the SteadyServ iKeg that provides vital info on your beer supply (because what’s a bar without beer, right?). The device’s sensor is simply placed on the keg then it’ll provide users with info on their smartphone on how much beer you have, how much until it runs out and how much you need to re-order.

10. Spherical Ice Ball Maker


Drink your Whiskey on the rocks with these cool spherical ice cubes, while melts more slowly than cubes due to their smaller surface area, thus keeping your drink cooler for longer with less water-downed flavor. The device works by molding a chunk of ice down to a beatifically crafted ice sphere.

9. Brewbotz


Even if you’re an amateur beer brewer or experienced brewer looking to make small batches of your concoctions, the Brewbot will help you create your perfect brew. Tied to a smartphone app, the Brewbot will automatically prompt you to add all the right ingredients at the right time instead of having to slave over your brew for hours at a time to make sure it all comes out perfect thanks to its front-loaded sensors.

8. Lapka BAM Breath Alcohol Monitor


Don’t drink and drive and save yourself from drunk texting with the Lapka BAM Breath Alcohol Monitor that’s small and light enough to fit in your pocket or purse. With its ceramic case, the tiny cylinder breathalyzer will fit into the palm of your hand and all you do is blow into your clenched hand that’s holding the device and it’ll calculate your BAC. You’re get the results via its iOS or Android app.

7. Brew Cave Walk-In Cooler and Kegerator


The Brew Cave is every man’s dream! The walk-in cooler and kegerator is just what you need to complete your ultimate man cave. The oversized fridge comes with a tap that can be connected to a keg and pumping system, allowing you to have your favorite brew on tap anytime you want it. The modular fridge will ship in separate pieces so that you can ultimately assemble it any way you see fit. Each panel comes with 4″ of insulation that’s sandwiched between an inner and outer black stucco that features an embossed galvanized finish. The Brew Cave fits 30 cases of beer and a minimum of our kegs, but will cost you a whopping $6,500!

6. BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer


Make sure you’re not too drunk to drive or function the next day at work with the BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer that will connect to your iPhone via Bluetooth. It features a police-grade fuel cell sensor that measure your BAC for accurate and consistent readings. The app allows your to share your results on social media if your’e the bragging kind and will also give you an estimate of how long before your BAC levels return to normal so that you can get a designated driver before you leave the bar.

5. Molson Sochi Beer Fridge


Canadians really know how to make their citizens happy…by giving them free beer! Molson Canadian provided free beer to their citizens at the Sochi Winter Games by allowing them to get the cold brewski after swiping their Canadian passport. The beer fridge concept isn’t new since they revealed their kegerator last summer in Europe.

4. Sonic Hour Beer Head Froth Maker


Make your lager that much more thirst quenching with the Sonic Hour Beer Head Froth Maker. The device uses  ultrasonic oscillation to produce fine bubbles to give a refreshing top to your beer. It also features some cool light-up illumination functions that’ll enhance your beer-drinking party atmosphere.

3. Spin Chill Beer Cooler

spin chill beer cooler tool

Never drink another hot beer in your life when you have the Spin Chill Beer Cooler handy! The innovative device uses convection to cool your beer in less than a minute. The pocket-sized too will spin your beer cans, bottle, soda cans and wine bottles so that they’re nice and cold before you consume them. It’s a great tool for tailgating parties and BBQs.

2. Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser


The Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser allows a bartender to full up 44 pints of beer in a single minute, allowing for quicker server at the bar. Filling up your cup from the bottom, the dispenser works by pouring beer up via holes in the bottom of plastic cups, which are resealed after the beer is done dispensing with magnets.

1. GameBooze Flask

GameBooze Flask

Relive your best Tetris days on your Game Boy with a few swigs of alcohol from the GameBooze Flask that looks like the old school portable game. The stainless steel flask looks exactly like a Game Boy and just might fool some friends. This flask is nostalgic enough, it’ll have you setting your best flask to the side. Each one is made from hand from an Etsy shop for $20.

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