Considering whether or not to get Hulu Plus? Here are the top reasons to consider the TV streaming app and all of its glorious content, from original shows to different ways to save on the service.

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1. Current Show Paradise

Finding current shows online can be a bit of a problem. Even the best streaming services aren’t perfect. You either have to wait a subjective eternity for Netflix to get the shows you want, or download a long series of channel apps on your devices and wait a week or so – depending on where you live – to watch the latest episodes. Hulu Plus cuts through this mess with a traditionally strong point in Hulu services, the broad availability of current shows. This is one major factor in the Hulu vs. Hulu Plus debate.

2. Little to No Wait Time

Hulu knows you don’t want to wait. With Hulu Plus, you get access to the latest episodes ASAP. No waiting anymore for a week between updates (and thus running a week behind your friends). Now you can watch most shows only a day after the episode airs. This makes Hulu Plus the ideal service to keep up with all current shows – or if you really want to cut the cable and just rock Hulu Plus.

3. Exclusive Contracts

What shows are on Hulu Plus? In a word, many, including some you may not expect. Hulu Plus has many exclusive contracts unavailable through other services. It’s one of the only platforms where you can watch whole seasons of reality shows, and it has other content like Comedy Central shows and even a number of movies you can’t find on-demand anywhere else. Hulu Plus is also skilled at getting international contracts for shows from BBC and Australian channels, which is handy if you prefer a few overseas shows. For when you’re listening to music, you should also consider reading our Pandora vs Last.ftm review.

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4. Original Content

In addition to all of its contracts, the streamer is also creating a lot of its own Hulu Plus content. Like Netflix and Amazon Video, the service is ramping up its own show creation in a big way. The Hotwives of Orlando, The Awesomes, East Los High, Deadbeat…the list is quickly growing, and Hulu has proved willing to hire well-known actors and writers to make these shows a hit. Expect some serious competition in original content in the coming years, as well as lots of entertainment.

5. Kid Lock

Most traditional TV features feature some kind of kid locks and permission filters, but those features may be a little limited on streaming apps. Hulu Plus makes some welcome strides in this direction, with kid lock features available for mobile apps. This allows you to give your phone or tablet to your kids for entertainment without worrying about what show they may bring up.

6. Pleasant Interface

Hulu Plus also gets points for its easy-to-use interface. It is always very clear what shows you are watching or what shows you are searching, and the customization options allow you to see a variety of recommendations at once. You also get quick access to those seasons you never quite finished.

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7. Streaming Dependability

Everyone likes a little dependability. One of the most annoying moments in streaming is when your show suddenly stalls, skips, goes silent or just gives up the ghost and quits forever. Hulu Plus has a very solid track record when it comes to dependability, even with the more finicky mobile streaming apps. Remember, however, that you will need to accept Hulu Plus commercials along the way.

8. Referral Program

The Hulu Plus referral program allows you to earn free weeks of Hulu Plus by referring other people. It’s a neat, simple way to save money and it’s also pretty unique as far as streaming services go. You can invite other people a number of different ways, from email to Facebook, but try to keep it down to friends who are truly interested – there’s no need to bomb anyone with spam.

9. Hulu Support

Hulu maintains a frequently updated blog and FAQ service. If you have any questions about availability or features, hop online and search through their service web pages. Not only can you find a lot of useful information to answer your questions, you can also take a look at the future events that Hulu has planned and what new shows or deals are upcoming.

10. Affordability

How much is Hulu Plus? It only costs $8 per month. That puts it right down at the bottom when it comes to TV streaming services. Netflix costs around $9 these days. The new CBS app costs $6 but you only get one channel. Standalone services like HBO Now cost $15. Hulu Plus offers some of the most content for your money.

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