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10 Really Cool iPhone 6 Specs

Now that the iPhone 6 release date has come and gone, you have probably seen at least a couple people sporting Apple’s latest, greatest iPhone edition. But is it time for you to upgrade? What really makes the iPhone 6 stand out from older generations? Is it worth a new purchase? Let’s take a look at some of the coolest iPhone 6 specs to help you make up your mind.


  1. 4.7-Inch Screen: While the iPhone 6 Plus has gotten most of the headlines when it comes to size, it is also worth pointing out that the more traditional iPhone 6 also has a screen upgrade. The new 4.7-inch screen is indeed larger than past generations of iPhones, and occupies that nice middle ground if the past iPhone screens were a little too small but the 6 Plus is too gigantic.
  2. New A8 Processor: Apple likes to update its processors every new generation or so, and the iPhone 6 is no exception. The A8 processor features 2 billion transistors and a smaller size than the previous versions. In the world of smartphones this processor is definitely king of the hill, and Apple says that there is a 25 percent performance improvement to boot (although this may be due to other various changes made in the operating system).
  3. Curves: The physical feel of the new iPhone 6 is also worth noting. In addition to a larger screen, the metal frame of the phone has a more curved shape around the edges than the iPhone5. This makes the phone look and feel smoother, especially if your preference in cases is more minimalistic.
  4. Touch ID: Sure, an earlier version of the iPhone had Touch ID, but the biometric feature really comes into its own on the iPhone 6 thanks to software updates and improved technology. Capture and enroll multiple fingerprints that act as passcodes for your home screen. Touch ID also works with a variety of other features, including both Apple apps and third-party apps that offer support for this security feature.
  5. Screen Resolution: The Apple iPhone 6 comes with 326 pixels-per-inch and a 720p screen resolution. This is definitely an upgrade on earlier iPhone models, but it is also worth comparing to other new phones on the market. Something like the Galaxy S5 has more pixels, and larger phones like the iPhone 6 Plus have full 1080p HD clarity, but the differences are difficult to pick out with a passing glance: For it’s size, the 6 has a great screen.
  6. Apple Pay: While Apple’s decision to lock its NFC (Near Field Communication) capabilities in the iPhone 6 was a bit controversial, the usefulness of Apple Pay is unquestionable. Apple Pay lets you automatically pay for products just by passing your phone by a sensor and then tapping a button on your screen. It works with a ton of major retailers, and promises to be one of the most important new iPhone 6 features.
  7. iBeacon Microlocation: iBeacon has been part of the iPhone’s capabilities for a little more than a year now, but with iPhone 6 the possibilities are really getting exciting. iBeacon essentially allows apps to sense nearby, especially designed sensors and react to them in specific ways. Don’t let this give you a Big Brother vibe: Rumors have Apple earbuds working with the technology, and Apple stores – along with other retailers – are adopting ways to use the upgraded feature.
  8. Dual-Domain Pixels: In addition to its resolution specs, the iPhone 6 also comes with a feature called dual-domain pixels. This underreported feature is actually very cool: The small electrodes in the pixels are turned in varying direction instead of just one. This makes the iPhone’s screen much easier to see clearly from different angles, perfect for sharing your phone screen in someone else.
  9. Voice over LTE: In addition to having “more LTE bands than any other smartphone” the iPhone 6 has an LTE feature that will mean more the average buyer. Voice over LTE is a feature that improves the quality of your voice calls while also allowing you more freedom to browse your apps while you talk.
  10. Sensors: The new Health app icon on iOS 8 isn’t just for show: It points out a new direction for Apple, a focus on monitoring a variety of fitness-centered data. This focus has also led to significant upgrades for the iPhone 6, including a new barometer, an M8 Motion Coprocessor, and other sensor upgrades ready for a whole new field of technology.

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