These sure beat my bedroom. For those who like to think of their bedroom as more than just a room they sleep in, we’ve compiled 10 pretty cool bedrooms that provide its inhabitants more than just a place to rest their head. These bedrooms are anything but normal and would make for an interesting night of rest (if you were able to get any).

10. Cockpit Bedroom

Pretend you’re flying high up in the clouds with a custom cockpit bedroom that features gauges galore so that it seems as if you’re sleeping in the cockpit of your own personal plane that takes you to dreamland.

9. Mattress Bedroom at LLove Hotel Tokyo

This bedroom has an insanely crazy mattress that practically takes up the entire room!

8. Garden Shed Bedroom

Designed by Helsinki architect Ville Hara, the Garden Shed bedroom is actually part of designer Linda Bergroth’s summer cottage and can be used as an extra bedroom for unexpected guests.

7. Bedroom with Pool at Mykonos Blu Resort

When you stay at the Mykonos Blu Resort in Greece make sure to ask for the room with the pool already in it. Not only will you be able to swim whenever you want, you can take a swim in the nude without having to worry about getting caught!

6. Tron Blue Futuristic Bedroom

A hotel in Sweden was very inspired by The Tron movie that they created a very futuristic bedroom decorated in Tron details. It looks (and probably feels) as if you’re sleeping in a computer chip!

5. Underground House with Water Slide Connecting to Master Bedroom

Okay, so this is not only a cool room, but one awesome house! It’s a subterranean mansion that has a slide that connects the master bedroom to the main pool!

4. Star Wars Y-Wing Bedroom Set

The ultimate Star Wars junkie would love to have this Star Wars Y-Wing Bedroom Set! This lucky kid had a loving father who built this awesome room with a floating Y-Wing bedroom platform that even has phaser burn marks!

3. Aeroloft 8-bedroom Airplane Suite

Boeing’s newest business jet, the BBJ 747-8 is like an apartment in the sky…literally! It comes with 8 flat beds and tons of space to roam the cabin as if you were in a hotel suite or apartment. Called the Aeroloft, the plane will start servicing the super rich sometime in 2014.

2. Pirate Ship Bedroom

Sail the seven seas from your own bedroom with this unique pirate ship bedroom that was made for a 6-year-old in Minnesota. There’s a pirate ship complete with port holes and a rope bridge that leads to a jail cell suspended at the other corner of the room, allowing the lucky kid to have lots of creative adventures in his own bedroom.

1. Underwater Bedroom at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live under the sea (a la Ariel in Disney’s The Little Mermaid), then this underwater bedroom at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort might help you pretend. The room is under a glass case 16-feet below the sea’s surface and provides a breath-taking 180-degree view of the aqua habit.

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