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10 of the Best Navigation Apps for the iPhone: Navigate to the End of the Earth

Looking for the best navigation app for iPhone users? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you are a planning a trip, going on a hike, hanging out with friends at a new pub, or just want to find an easier way through traffic, here are your top options.


1. Google Maps


Chances are good you already know what to expect with the famed Google Maps. Detailed maps, driving, biking, and walking directions, satellite and tradition map offerings…it’s all there. There’s voice guided turn-by-turn navigation, one of the most important features in today’s mobile navigation apps. You also can quickly switch between routes if you want to try to find a quicker or alternate way. There’s no denying it, this app has a lot of power and versatility and would probably make it to the top of any list. The iOS version also recently got the ability to filter through restaurants and provide weather information.

You can download Google Maps here for free


2. Waze


Waze was an amazingly successful startup that was eventually acquired by Google. This app navigation for iPhone (and Android) focuses on crowdsourcing maps, which means that everyone on Waze works together, inputting information about roads, streets, and the best way to get to popular destinations. The result is an app that gives you the best navigation options based on what people on the ground think, not some satellite algorithms. You can also add friends and see their own timetables if you are all meeting at the same place.

You can get Waze here as a free download

3. Navigon


Navigon is a complete iPhone navigation system designed with tons of extra features to make trips easier. There are day and night modes, 2D and 3D maps, route planning, intelligent address searching, and real road sign graphics. Essentially, this app has everything for United States navigation. It also offers a bunch of optional plugins to improve the experience and coordinate entry for more off-the-wall navigation. This complete set of features comes at a price, however, so this app is not for those looking for a free option, but rather a professional navigation tool.

You can download the Navigon USA app for $49.99


4. Scout


The Scout GPS app is designed more for social gatherings and friends than for professional navigation options. It includes many different social features, including a chat function, an event creator that allows you to invite others to a specific location, and collective driving instructions to make sure everyone knows where to go. The app can also give you updates about the daily commute so you don’t have to endure any unpleasant surprises. Definitely designed for the younger, more active crowd, this app has plenty of features for urban 20-somethings ready to have fun.

You can download Scout for free here

9 Comments to 10 of the Best Navigation Apps for the iPhone: Navigate to the End of the Earth

  1. David J Gill

    Google Maps as a turn-by-turn nav app for the iPhone is number 1? You’ve got to be kidding. I could not get an audible voice with Google Maps on my iPhone 6Plus. I tried every conceivable setting and had others work on the problem and reinstall the app. Nothing worked.

    The rest of your list is a mystery to me. The TomTom app that came with the iPhone has been a flawless guide on recent multi-state trips.

    • Christen Costa

      David, it would seem that you have a core function issue in iOS. I suggest a clean install and then trying. And on a side note, my #1 is Waze, but from what I understand that works better in cities, such a LA, CA.

  2. Shine W

    Hey Tyler, thanks for writing/sharing this article. Getting ready to take a trip to PA (my birth place) for a wedding. I haven’t been back east (we live in the evergray.. oops, I mean the evergreen state) in many years and we’d like to take a drive and explore the place a little bit. Your article has been most helpful in choosing a gps. Thanks again. ~*~Shine~*~ WA, State

  3. Melissa Ellison

    MOTION X was the only navigation app to use. All other paled in comparison and frankly I don’t know what my husband and I will do without it. Everything about it was absolutely AWESOME. It found streets that other navigation apps like GARMIN could not find.

    • nancy lt rosenbower

      i totally agree! My husband and I paid for the voice subscription and thought we had it all. then, the shoe dropped and there is no more MOTIONX. I do wish they would come back! I would pay for the service. It beat everything else out there!!!!

  4. David Smith

    I’ll miss Motion-X.

  5. Sirlansa

    Sadly, MotionX GPS Drive is no longer available or meting supported!

    • roundball

      Just found that out today myself when I went to renew…Motion-X GPS has been an outstanding navigation app for my wife and I for 4-5 years

  6. Anonymous

    This article is incomplete without here maps.

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