10 of the Best Cheap iPhone 6 Cases

If you’re not one to spend a fortune on a smartphone case, then you’re in luck! We’ve compiled some of the best cheap iPhone 6 cases around.  And by cheap, we mean under $30 bucks because not everyone wants to break the bank for a case. Still, these cases will easily get the job done and protect your precious iPhone 6 while still showing off your individual style.

1. Exact Frame Series

Exact iPhone 6 4.7 Case

Some people don’t like cases the cover their entire phone, but still want some sort of protection. If this is the case, the Exact Frame Series is more of a bumper-style case that actually comes in several different color options for about $8 each. So for this price, you’ll be able to get one in every color if you want! The case features durable polycarbonate that’s coated with a metallic rubber finish and it won’t impede on your iPhone 6’s signal strength. It provides an exact fit and allows for access to all of its ports and controls.

You can get the Exact Frame Series for $8.

2. Luvvit Clear Grip

Luvvit Clear Grip

At only $13, we’re getting extras of the Luvvit Clear Grip for friends! It actually looks like a knock-off version of a Ballistic model that was one of the most popular iPhone 5 cases last year. The case will fit your iPhone 5 like a glove and features reinforced corner protection for drops and a protective lip above screen level. It’s super light and slim and it won’t add any bulk or weight to your sleek smartphone.

You can get the Luvvit Clear Grip here for $13.

3. Spigen Neo Hybrid Series

Spigen Neo Hybrid Series

Spigen always has great cases for Apple’s different iPhone models and their Neo Hybrid Series is back for the iPhone 6. For only $18, you get a case that features advanced shock absorption technology. It’s slim and form fitted to show off the perfect shape of you smartphone and has an attractive metallic finish that’s easy on the eyes. It’s made using a combination of TPU and ploy carbonate for extra drop and scratch protection.

You can get the Spigen for $17.

4. Poetic Atmosphere Series

oetic Atmosphere Series

If you’re looking for a slim, translucent case for cheap, then get yourself a Poetic Atmosphere Series case for $13. It’s transparent so you’ll be able to see your iPhone 6’s amazing cold, while its raise lip adds screen protection from surface scratches. It has a razor-thin profile that adds protection with no bulk.

You can get the Poetic Atmosphere Series for $13.

5. ECL USA Armor Slim Fit

ECL USA Armor Slim Fit

This nifty and cheap case has it own kickstand and comes in various colors. For only $15, you get adequate protection from drops and scratches. The Slim Fit case also has triple layer protection and advanced shock absorption that will keep your phone safe in case anything bad happens to it. As one of the best iPhone cases on our list for its price, you can’t go wrong with this one!

You can get the  Slim Fit for $15.

6. FYY Ultra Slim Smart Cover

FYY Ultra Slim Smart

If you’re not about all sorts of bells and whistles and just want a good and sturdy iPhone case, then FYY Ultra Slim Smart cover is what you need. Available in a rainbow of colors, it has a built-in magnetic strip that boasts durable magnetic force, and will snap on easily when closed. The adjustable stand with multi-viewing angles is great of when you’re watching movies or video chatting with friends.

You can get the FYY Ultra Slim Smart for $7.

7. Versus Wallet Case

verus iPhone 6 wallet case

This inexpensive wallet case from Versus is only $20, making it a great cheap iPhone case, and comes in a variety of cool colors so you can easily protect your iPhone 6 in style. It’s made with 100% classic smooth vintage style PU leather and has a few built-in card pockets so that you can conveniently stash some cash and your ID and credit cards in. It even features imbedded leather casing for additional grip and protection against drops.

You can get the Versus for $20.

8. PureGear Dualtek Extreme Impact

Puregear iPhone 6 case

The PureGear Dualtek Extreme Impact is another one of our list’s iPhone cases for cheap and is great because it’s easy to snap on and off of the case and protects against daily wear and tear. It features shock absorbing corner impact protection that controls shock by isolating vibration and a slim and sleek design that doesn’t add bulk for only $17.30.

You can get the PureGear Dualtek Extreme Impact for $17-19.

9. X-Doria Scene Grip

X-Doria Scene caseWith so many cheap iPhone cases on the list, it may be hard choosing a favorite, but all that might change once you see the X-Doria Scene Grip! For $24.98, this case features a co-molded design with a clear polycarbonate black and durable rubber pumper that absorbs bumps and jolts.

You can get the X-Doria Scene Grip for $25.

10. Ballistic Tough Jacket Series Case

BALLISTIC Tough Jacket Series Case f

Here’s another iPhone case that’s cheap and tough. The Ballistic Tough Jacket Series Case has 6-ft high impact drop protection thanks to its reinforced Ballistic Corners that provide protection against cracked screens due to corner drops and multiple layers of protection.

You can get the Ballistic Tough Jacket Series Case for about $18.


11. Mint Green Silicone Soft Skin Case Cover

iphone silicon case cheap

This is about as cheap as they come for an iPhone 6 case.  But that isn’t to say it’s cheap in build quality.  Made from Silicone, this case should be able to take a licking, though we can’t promise it won’t mar.  But with that, it should be easy to take on and off.  And thanks to the silicone finish, it should be soft to the touch, if not supple feeling.  Of note, the volume buttons are covered, while the ports and vibration switch are not.

You can grab it here for $5.

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  1. Think phone cases prices have gone down a lot in the past 2 years. A $30 dollar case is considered almost expensive to many thanks to Amazon’s race-to-the-bottom competition

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