10 of the Best Camera Apps for the iPhone

The native iPhone camera app offers some nice features and its share of presets and color filters. But do you wish your iPhone camera could do a little (or a lot) more? These are the best iPhone camera apps around, whether you want to play around or are looking for a much more professional experience.

1. Manual


Some amateur photographs want a few more custom features from their camera apps: Manual gives them far more than. This app turns your iPhone camera into a photography features that allows you to adjust nearly every type of feature just as if it was a traditional camera. You can manipulate shutter speed, white balance, ISO, focus and exposure composition, all before you snap the picture. Granted this takes some knowledge about photography in the first place, but if you want some real control of your photos, try out Manual.

You can download Manual here for $1.99.


2. Camera+


Camera+ also gives you a variety of exposure controls, but it backs these up with plenty of features that the average iPhone user can happily play with. There’s a 6x zoom option, a useful timer, a broad number of filters, and several different flash modes. Essentially, Camera+ takes the native features that iOS offers and vastly improves them, then adds some more customization options on top of it. The all-in-one result is possibly the best camera app for general iPhone pictures.

You can download Camera+ for $2.99 here.


3. Superburst Camera


Superburst Camera offers a very specific camera feature for the casual user. Hold down the photo button, and it will stream off a photo burst, much like a DSLR. It can take as many as 240 photos per second, which you can then play with, creating animated GIFs or little videos, or just choosing the best photo of the bunch to keep. This is a great iPhone camera app for capturing local action and hijinks if all your have is your phone. It also works for the front-facing camera.

You can download Superburst Camera here for $0.99.


4. Pro HDR


If all the controls of Manual take too much time but you still want plenty of customization options, Pro HDR is the iPhone camera app for you. From the grid layout and cropping options to the many preset filters and exposure options, you get all the adjustment options you want. However, if you prefer to take it easy, there’s also an auto HDR mode that will do the work for you. You can also easily tag photos inside the app for quick notes.

Buy Pro HDR here for $1.99.


5. Lensical

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Lensical definitely steps over the line toward “photo editing” software, but this app also includes some handy, simple camera functions that make it a fun photo app as well. Snap a picture, Instagram-style, and then start adding various filters for the perfect artistic look or just a lot of fun. Options include watercolor presets, aging effects, mustache-adders, and more. The app also includes a one-touch function to set focus points, and a drag-and-drop option for adjusting exposure.

Lensical is available here as a free download.


6. Light Meter


Light Meter cares a lot about your lighting situation. This camera app, created by Vlad Polyandskiy, assumes that you already know more than a few things about finding or creating the right lighting for your picture. It gives you a running account of the lux level in your shot with its professional illuminometer. Find the sweet spot for your photo style, then snap your picture in confidence. Plus, you don’t need any annoying light-sensing attachments.

You can find Light Meter here for $1.99.


7. Cycloramic

maxresdefault (13)

Yes, the latest iPhones can take very handy panoramic pictures all on their own. But Cycloramic is worth a download because of its unique approach to the panoramic scene. Sure, you can take panoramic photos in the traditional way, by hold the camera and swiveling your arms – but you can also use the independent panorama mode. This access the vibration option on your phone to slowly spin it in a circle when placed on a flat surface.

You can download Cycloramic for $1.99 here.


8. ProCamera 8


While more expensive than the other camera apps for iPhone on the list, ProCamera 8 offers the top tier of photo adjustment and camera options. It offers many of the same features as Pro HDR, but more so. There are more manual controls with manual white balance, a swipe-based exposure control with its own dial, and the ability to precisely set ISO sensitivity, color temperature, color temp, focus and more. The app also offers various video functions. If you are a pro who uses your iPhone for the occasional picture, this is the app for you.

You can buy ProCamera 8 + HDR for $4.99 here.


9. Camera Noir


All right, back to the simple apps for people who prefer a more casual approach to iPhone pictures. Camera Noir offers a basic tool: You can take pictures in black and white. Of course, your native settings also allow for this, but the monochrome filter that Camera Noir offers is more impressive, and you can quickly shift focus or adjust exposure with a few taps to get the ideal look. There are three different monochrome settings for you to play with.

Buy Camera Noir for $1.99 here.


10. Instagram


There’s no getting around how fun Instagram is, if only for its massive social appeal. Yes, the app offers a series of basic filters and not much else when it comes to camera functions, but it makes up for it with its vast social media base and integration with other social networks. If you love sharing your photos, this is the app for you – why aren’t you using it yet?

You can download Instagram for free here.

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  1. I’ve had Camera+ and Pro Camera 8 for years, both great camera apps! both best in its class, in my opinion, good choices there! Instagram though? I’d have to agree with other comment on that and for that category I’d choose Pinterest before Instagram, although don’t use Pinterest like I once did, and Tumblr is likely one of the best, but obv., much more, Instagram is pretty good for ppl if their friends, family use it too!

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