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10 Gadget-Inpsired Halloween Costumes For The Nerdy At Heart (list)

Etch a Sketch Costume

Halloween is literally days away and if you haven’t gotten your costume yet, we’ve compiled a few ideas for you! But these costumes aren’t just ordinary or traditional ones…they’re gadget-inspired costumes for all of the nerds at heart who want to stand out from all vampires, ghosts and zombies that you’ll probably see. From Apple gadgets to arcade games, the chances are, you won’t see another costume like these while out Trick or Treating on Halloween.

10. Toaster Costume

toaster costume

Funny and random are words to describe this Toaster costume that will definitely have friends laughing at your creative choice.

9. Etch a Sketch Costume

Etch a Sketch Costume

Relive your childhood memories with the Etch a Sketch costume that’s cheap to make and easy to wear, not to mention a crowd pleaser!

8. Breathalyzer Costume

Breathalyzer costume

You know you’re probably get really drunk on Halloween if you’re going to a party so why remind everyone not to drink and drive with the Breathalyzer costume!

7. LEGO Man Costume


This LEGO Man costume looks pretty easy to make! Just get a lot of cardboard boxes and paint and you’ve got yourself a unique costume no one else will have!

6. iPhone Costume


It’s definitely the year of the iPhone. Apple just released two new versions of their highly popular smartphone last month (iPhone 5s and 5c), so why not show your Apple pride by dressing as your favorite device!

5. Android Costume


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  1. Haylee Reason

    I agree

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  2. Haylee Reason

    I would have wanted to see a game cube I mean who wouldn’t.

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  3. Lee

    how can you possibly not have one of the greatest 20th century gadgets which made it into costume form…the Rubik’s Cube?

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