10 Features We’d Like to See in the New iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is still a ways out, but we can dream. What are the next iPhone features would you most look forward to? What do you want changed? Let’s take a mix of rumor, extrapolation, and really hard wishing, then see what the updated features of the iPhone 7 could be.


1. A “Just Right” Screen

Now that Apple has proven more willing to experiment with screen sizes, it would be great if the Apple iPhone 7 settles on a screen format that everyone loves – not quite as big as the 6 Plus, but not nearly as small as the pre-6 models. Perhaps somewhere around a 5-inch screen would work best. Keep in mind that Apple still has a little room to expand the screen on the smaller phone model, but a slightly larger form factor would be great, too. The goal is to keep one-handed phone use viable but provide a bigger, fancier screen for our latest visuals.


2. Force Technology

Force technology is the cool-sounding term for touch sensor technology that Apple has equipped on its smart watch. The Apple Watch uses a new display that is even more sensitive than its previous screens, and can differentiate between a quick tap and a firmer press. This opens up a whole new world of potential commands for the iPhone. Hey, the technology already exists, so please give us this new feature, Apple.


3. Sidewall Displays

Apple has a design for something called a “sidewall display” and may be gearing up to use this technology on phones. We’ve already seen something very similar to a sidewall when it comes to phones in the Galaxy Note Edge, which includes a small edge screen that can show the time, pop up notifications, and let you get a glimpse of text messages with the need to open any covers or go past the lock screen. This would be one of the biggest new features of an iPhone, and it would be great to see what Apple could do with a sidewall display and a little creativity.


4. Apple Wireless Charging

Wireless charging already exists in many pads and sleeves on the market, but there’s not an Apple wireless charging solution built into the phone…yet. Apple may or may not be working on wireless charging, depending on what rumors you believe. However, with the rise of wireless charging devices, it seems likely that Apple will want to jump on this train sooner rather than later. The iPhone 7 may well be optimized for inductive charging and released alongside an Apple wireless charging device for some great cross sales.


5. 3D Effects

Will Apple offer any 3D effects as part of its new iPhone update features? It seems like a distant possibility, since Apple doesn’t have much experience in this area. But it would be a great way to attract attention, and Apple may want to show up other efforts in this area, like Amazon’s Fire Phone and its multiple cameras. What this would look like isn’t quite clear yet, but let’s assume Apple could impress us with some almost-holographic displays.


6. DSLR-Quality Camera

There are several exciting possibilities for the next-gen iPhone camera. It could offer a two-lens system to massively boost the quality of images and potential for photo apps and settings. It could offer 4K video capture 21-megapixel photos. It may even offer a lens-swap option that lets you replace the lens with new version in best DSLR fashion (expect on a teeny-tiny scale). Whichever way Apple goes, it would be great to see a massive improvement in the camera and its picture taking options. It’s a selfie, selfie, selfie world out there, and Apple should capitalize on it.


7. More Power

Obviously we can expect an Apple processor upgrade. Each new generation of the iPhone has added a very respectable increase to power and speed capabilities thanks to a new chip, and the iPhone 7 certainly won’t be an exception. There are rumors that the new chip will be 20% more powerful and 35% more power efficient than anything seen in the iPhone 6. Other rumors state that there will be around 2GB of RAM in the 7 to help you manage all the latest apps.


8. Extra Protection

It would be great to see some effort put into making the iPhone 7’s body stronger and more resistant against everyday ills. Perhaps Apple will replace its screen with a Sapphire version that will be stronger and more resistant to cracking than previous screens, something that should certainly be in the works if it is not. The company could also take steps to wateproof its case, protecting it against some of the worst accidents, like a plunge into water. Or at least let us drop in on the sidewalk without any damage, because it’s going to happen at some point anyway.


9. Unlocked NFC

This is an important one. Currently Apple does indeed use an NFC (near field communication) chip in its iPhone, but the chip is locked to only work with Apple Pay. It’s a strange decision, because NFC can be used for a ton of exciting activities by businesses and developers alike, allowing you to communicate at a distance with many different objects and devices. In a bid to expand the Internet of Things and iPhone compatibility, it would be great to see Apple unlock NFC for the iPhone7s.


10. Joystick Home Button

This idea is a little far fetched, but it’s still a possibility. There’s even a patent for what seems like a joystick version of the Apple home button. In this case, the button could expand into a mini joystick that could be moved around in order to control various on screen activities. The goal would be to target the growing iPhone game market with an new ability, and it sure sounds like fun.

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