$1 Million Face Transplant Complete, World’s Most Extensive

There is a question that goes something like this: what can you get for $1 million?  The obvious answers usually involve cars and homes, things of a material nature.  Now you can add a face on top of that.  Yes, a literal face.

That’s how much this face transplant cost to perform.  After being severely burned in a Missippi fire, volunteer firefighter Patrick Hardison, age 41, received a brand new face, complete with hair and so far some facial movement – I’m thinking things will improve with time.

And it’s not all about aesthetics. Hardison was on the brink of losing his eye sight, but now, thanks to working eye lids, he can not only rest peacefully at night, but keep his vision.

The 26-hour surgery was performed by a 150-person medical team from New York University Langone Medical Center.  Both the removal of the donor face, and the transplant had to occur simultaneously.  NYU graciously paid for the surgery.

The donor?  A 26-year old BMX enthusiast by the name of David Rodebaugh, who died after a cycling accident.  Rodebaugh’s mother gave permission to use her son’s face.  Here’s hoping she doesn’t live in the same neighborhood as Hardison.

The team slit the skin at the back of the donor’s head, peeling each side forward with key pieces of bone attached at the chin, nose and cheekbone and then precisely draped it, like Batman’s cowl, onto Hardison’s head. via Reuters

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