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iPod Touch Pro 2

iPod Touch 4G Review


[Rating: 5] Pros: Best design yet, excellent screen and feel Faster, thinner, lighter Facetime and 720p video recording Cons: No FM radio, no numerical battery Low resolution and low quality still photography Product perfection is next to impossible. There’s no way to please everyone, and as we all know, the...

Nano Pro

iPod Nano Review (6th Generation)

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[Rating: 4.5] Pros: Excellent design and user interface Touchscreen more accurate than 99% of smartphones FM radio, finally! Cons: Small. Small enough to lose very, very quickly As gadgets get smaller and smaller, we begin to reach the absurd size problems we remember from Zoolander. The departure from the past...


Zune HD 3D Games Now For Free


Zune HD owners rejoice.  Crickets?  Microsoft has recently announced that a batch of new 3D games is now available at the Zune MarketPlace.  For Free.  That’s right, the following games are available now for free:  Project Gotham Racing: Ferrari Edition, Audiosurf Tilt, Vans Sk8: Pool Service, Lucky Lanes Bowling, Piano,...


Zune HD Will Be Available In The US Only


With next week’s September 15th release of Microsoft’s potential “Worm in the Apple” Zune HD, word has reached the Blogs that the product will only be available on US soil.  Seemingly looking to bring a different experience to international markets, no announcement has been made as of yet in regards...


Gadget Rumor: Zune HD Pricing And 64GB Model


The proprietor of Neowin has some how scored in inside man at Microsoft.  More importantly the leak is willing to share info about the Zune HD, so much so in fact that he straight up admitted to Microsoft execs that he had leaked info previously, but some how went on...


Gadget Rumor: Zune HD Launch Date And Sizes


According to a source close the Microsoft Zune project, the Zune HD will arrive September 8th and come in an 16GB and 32GB capacity.  There’s no word on price, but since this iteration of the Zune is said to sport Nvidia’s Tegra graphics processor and an OLED screen, something we...


Zune HD Gets Officialized: In Cahoots With Xbox Live


Today Microsoft officially announced the Zune HD to thousands of screaming fans.  While possibly too little too late, the Zune HD will attempt to steal some iPod Touch thunder with the inclusion of such features as:  A built in HD radio receiver, HD video capabilities, OLED touch screen, and WiFi. ...