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Windows Phone 7 Connector

Windows Phone 7 Connector App Enables Zune And Windows 7 Phones To Play Nicely With Macs, No More WTF


Zune users no longer have to resist the temptation to invest in a shiny new Mac thanks to Windows Phone 7 Connector, a free app available in the Mac App Store.  The app allows Windows 7 phones, and more importantly Zune HD users, to sync their media from a Mac...

Samsung Focus

Samsung Focus Review


[Rating: 5/5] The Samsung Focus. It’s a phone’s phone. That’s partly thanks to Windows Phone 7. The Microsoft operating system makes it a proper calling device first, apps secondary, and that’s refreshing compared to app-filled screens from competing phone makers. Instead, we just buy and play apps, send emails and...

iPod Touch Pro 2

iPod Touch 4G Review


[Rating: 5] Pros: Best design yet, excellent screen and feel Faster, thinner, lighter Facetime and 720p video recording Cons: No FM radio, no numerical battery Low resolution and low quality still photography Product perfection is next to impossible. There’s no way to please everyone, and as we all know, the...

Zune 4.5

Zune 4.5 Software Now Available


Zune users rejoice, 4.5 has been bestowed upon your PMP.  Just plug in the device and get a syncing. So what does it add? Smart DJ, which we showed you last week at the Zune House here in LA.  Microsoft has also increased the codec compatibility of the player by...

Zune 4.5 Hands On (video)


[GR]P36rAqj63MM[/GR] Yesterday, Microsoft finally made it official and announced the 64GB Zune HD.  That very same day we were invited to the Zune House in LA where we got a hands on look at the yet to be released software update for the player, 4.5.  The biggest take away: their...

Zune HD 64gb

64GB Zune HD Pricing And Launch Date Announced, Microsoft Reduces Pricing For 16GB & 32GB Models


The Zune HD wasn’t a huge hit upon its release, and while I doubt it will ever be as popular as the iPod family, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a nice product. Microsoft is still supporting the device and has announced a 64GB version, while reducing the prices of the...


Like You Care: Microsoft Discontinues All “Non” Touchscreen Zunes


I got some big chuckles from the Family Guy where Stewie tells Bill Gates that no one cares about the Zune.  I myself have never even touched one let alone know somebody that has one.  In recent news however, Microsoft has announced that they will no longer produce “non” touch...


Gadget Leak: Zune HD Release Date And Price


Yesterday, Gizmodo received a photo from a Best Buy employee depicting the launch date of Microsoft’s Zune HD to be September 15th (that’s just 1 week after the rumored launch date).  And before that, Amazon leaked a pre-order page to the blogosphere showing the pricing for the 16GB and 32GB...


Gadget Rumor: Zune HD Pricing And 64GB Model


The proprietor of Neowin has some how scored in inside man at Microsoft.  More importantly the leak is willing to share info about the Zune HD, so much so in fact that he straight up admitted to Microsoft execs that he had leaked info previously, but some how went on...


Gadget Rumor: Zune HD Launch Date And Sizes


According to a source close the Microsoft Zune project, the Zune HD will arrive September 8th and come in an 16GB and 32GB capacity.  There’s no word on price, but since this iteration of the Zune is said to sport Nvidia’s Tegra graphics processor and an OLED screen, something we...


Microsoft Updates Xbox 360 Video Store, Now Called Zune Store And Adds Netflix Queuing


E3 officially starts tomorrow and hopefully we’ll be on hand for one of the days.  But like all good events, the big boys have already started to roll out some juicy news.  Microsoft announced today that they’re upgrading the Xbox’s video capabilities. First up, they’re changing the name of their...