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Biohazard Knives Are Built To Take Down The Zombie Hordes


It’s an axiom everybody who read the Zombie Survival Guide cover to cover knows in detail: Namely, that blades don’t need reloading. But, if you happen to think the undead hordes appreciate style, there’s a set of blades handy for you to take them down with. Right In The Brain...

Lansky TASK Apocalypse Survival kit

Zombie Shamble in Fear at the Lansky Tactical Apocalypse Survival Kit


Here in sunny California, ground-splitting stomach-churning earthquakes capital that it is, we have become seasoned veterans in panic preparedness.  Yet recently our mindless and near-zombie like hunger for The Walking Dead,  AMC’s morbid apocalypse simulation/TV show, has completely neutered our measly earthquake relief kits. Sure bandaids, dental floss and clean...