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Zaggmate Keyboard 2

Zaggmate iPad Case with Keyboard Review (update)


[rating:4.5/5] Pros: Rechargeable battery that lasts for “months” Case and keyboard in one with a matching iPad finish Shortcut keys works in almost any application Light weight Cons: Slight imperfections in lining and metal edges LED lights bleed light Micro USB port not the most universal; mini USB preferred UPDATED....


Zaggmate Case With Keyboard Is All I Want For Xmas (video)


UPDATED. Oh boy, here we go again.  Yesterday, we saw the Crux360 Case and before that the Clamcase Рboth effectively convert the iPad into a netbook.  The Zaggmate, while it lacks the same form factor as the aforementioned two, provides a protective case and Bluetooth keyboard with a stand...