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The eleMMent PALAZZO Is Yacht On Wheels, Costs $3 Million


They had me at “multiple bars”. The eleMMent PALAZZO is unlike any mobile home.  Heck, it’s unlike any other vehicle on the road today.  Aside from it’s extremely forward thinking exterior shell, the eleMMent PALAZZO boasts a wide variety of amenities that are unparalleled by most if not all motor homes.  And rightfully so...

Venus Yacht-2

Steve Jobs Mega Yacht, “Venus”, Unveiled (video)


[GR]0mUp1PP98uU[/GR] Almost one year after his death, Steve Jobs’ mega yacht has made its first appearance in the Dutch city of Aalsmeer.  The boat is reported to measures some where between 230 and 260 feet in length and as you’d imagine boasts as assortment of Apple products.  In fact, if you...


Gray Design Sovereign 300-foot Yacht (video)


Mind blowing.  That’s how we feel when we lay eyes on the Sovereign, a 100 meter luxury yacht from Gray Design. Clearly targeted at the uber rich, this yacht boasts a an assortment of features that is fit for any sultan, king, queen or monarch.  The mast contains a wind...

Adastra Super Yacht-1

Adastra Trimaran Super Yacht


The Adastra Trimaran super yacht might appear to be of racing pedigree, but it is in fact built for the Mardens, a Hong Kong based family who clearly have more money than they know what to do with. Unfortunately, we don’t know the price to manufacturer the 139 footer, but it’s...