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10 of the Best Xbox One Games 2014


The Xbox One recently dropped in price, and the new $350 price has made it available for a whole new market of eager gamers. If you are looking for games for a new Xbox One, or just want to see what the year’s brighest and best Xbox 1 games look...


Last Chance: Free Game When You Buy an Xbox (Updated)


Update 9/13/14: The Microsoft “Buy an Xbox One, Get a Free Game” Promotion draws to an end tomorrow on Saturday September 13, 2014. Gamers interested in an Xbox One may want to act quick as a surprising amount of Xbox Ones are reaching “Sold Out” statuses at select retailers. Here...


Labor Day Deals on PlayStation 4 and Xbox Ones ($359)


Quick and easy Labor Day deal brings the new Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One down to $359.99 with free shipping. Grabbing savings on console hardware is always a rare feat, but retailers are always more open to discounts when the holiday seasons roll around. This Labor Day weekend,...


Destiny Pre-Order for Xbox One Gets Release Day Shipping


In less than 12 days, Destiny will hit store shelves, reaching the hands of eager gamers across the globe. Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers are in luck this week, as Microsoft is offering guaranteed free release day shipping on all pre-orders of Destiny for the Xbox. Beyond the release...


White Xbox One Revealed with Sunset Overdrive Bundle


Remember last year’s buzz about a white Xbox One available only to Microsoft employees? That’s changed now with Microsoft official unveiling of the White console first available to the masses in the Xbox One Sunset Overdrive bundle for $399.99. The bundle is a pre-order at the moment, and will officially...


11 Brand New Must-See Gameplay Videos of E3 (list)


It’s E3 time again folks. The show is just now whirring up with the traditional press conferences from the major publishing houses and hardware manufacturers like Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. Those are typically filled with announcement that won’t see completed fruition for several months to years. For instance, Ubisoft’s The...