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SpeedFreek And FPSFreek Controller Gaming Accessory Review


I’ve never been one for the after market mods or parts when it comes to video gaming.  Mad Catz arcade stick? Forget it.  A controller with built-in combo buttons?  Defeats the purpose.  So when KontrolFreek contacted me asking if I’d take a look at their controller gaming accessory I accepted...


GTA 4 Xbox 360 Version Update Sees Multiplayer Cheat Fix

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In an attempt to combat cheating and code exploits, Rockstar has issued a patch today for the Xbox 360 version of GTA 4.  The cheating apparently has been letting players turn invisible and use cheat codes to sway the game in their favor. It’s been quite some time since I...


Official Bioshock 2 Multiplayer Trailer (video)


Even though it’s delayed until 2010, we can still get excited about this brand new multiplayer trailer for Bioshock 2.  Looking pretty hectic to say the least, you get a good sense of the mayhem that can be created.  Custom load outs, Big Daddy armor and a handful of gameplay...


Sony Playstation 3….D?


Now THIS could shake some stuff up, no mistake. Okay, so everyone pretty much knows by now that Sony’s dead last in the console wars, right?  The Xbox 360 has games that the PS3 will never see in a million years and the Wii is so singularly outrageous that anything...


Xbox 360 Games No Longer Need To Be In HD


My roommate logs a good 12 plus hours a day with his Xbox 360 on a dusty old 32″ Sony Trintron in standard definition.  Scoff!!  I would never do that to myself but there are plenty of fools that do.  Up until now, Microsoft has had the stringent policy of...


NEXiLUX Retractable Guitar Hero Guitar


While portability is the least of my concerns when it comes to playing Guitar Hero, NEXiLUX’s Miniguitar is one hip looking piece of kit.  It comes in 3 pieces and snaps together in a matter of minutes to form an ultra thin wireless guitar.  Best of all, it works with...


Official: Xbox 360 Price Cuts Start Tomorrow


Well, folks it’s official.  Microsoft officially announced today that the Xbox 360 Elite will see a price cut of $100 on August 28th, taking it from $399.99 to $299.99.  Of course, this news is no surprise since we saw an almost endless array of leaked flyers from major retailers depicting...


Wet Demo Arrives On The Xbox 360


Bethesda fans will be pleased to hear that their latest game, Wet, has finally arrived in the form of a demo for the Xbox 360.  I saw a 2 minute video of the game while attending this year’s E3 show, and while the 3rd person shooter looks like a lot...