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5 Things We’d Love To See At WWDC Today (List)


Today is Blogger Christmas, otherwise known as the Worldwide Developer’s Conference keynote speech. This is where Apple rolls out new software, new toys, and other fun stuff that we’ll spend most of the rest of the year covering. And, just like any other Christmas, we’ve got a wish list. 1....


Rumored Apple iWatch Could Feature UV Sensor


As the countdown continues to Apple’s highly anticipated Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC, 6/2 in San Francisco), news arrives that will make readers of paler complexion quite happy. The long-rumored “iWatch” wearable will likely include a UV exposure sensor, according to Barclay’s chip analyst Blayne Curtis: “These chips measure UV exposure...

WWDC 2011

iPhone 5 Launch Date Might Be WWDC, June 6th

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Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference will kick off on June 6th.  Historically, this is when Apple has unveiled the next iPhone.  So should we expect the iPhone 5?  Sorry, but we still don’t know. However, Phil Schiller has said that “At this year’s conference we are going to unveil the future...


WWDC 09: Apple’s Almost Real Time App Wall (video)


Aimed to show the power of the App Store, Apple’s App Wall display is sure to catch your eye at this year’s WWDC.  Showing 20,000 of the most popular Apps it also displays apps being purchased at about a 5 minute delay.  Looks pretty Matrix-esque.  Cool wall paper idea “indeed”!...


Gadget Rumor: New iPhone To Be Called ‘iPhone 3GS’


Although I’d like to think that I’m not one to perpetuate unfounded rumors, the announcement of the new iPhone is less than 24 hours away and well, I just can’t help myself.  According to John Gruber of Daring Fireball the new iPhone will be called the ‘iPhone 3GS’.  He predicts...