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COOKOO Connected Watch main

COOKOO Connected Watch for iPhone Review


watch tells time, but ever since the invention of the wristwatch designers have looked to innovate both its appearance and functionality. Once that meant glowing dials or digital LEDs or even built-in video games, but now it’s all about the smartphone and integration. Answering the call is the COOKOO Connected...

eye of the storm watch

Eye Of The Storm Watch Is Beautiful, Simple And Unique


You’ve never seen a watch like this one, because a watch like this has never been attempted before. Partly because the technology behind the design would have been impossible just a few years ago, but even putting that concern aside, the concept itself is so different from what we’re used...

phosphor world time

Phosphorous World Time Looks Good, Travels Easy


There’s something about E Ink watches that is undeniably smooth, like they’re not just a way for manufacturers to take advantage of a trend. Maybe it’s the look of metal and “paper” together, it just says understated and classic. Phosphor is one of the premier makers of E Ink watches,...


Limited Edition i-Toc Wristwatch


Reminding me of that old black and white countdown before the movie starts this limited edition i-Toc wristwatch is perfect for the budding retro-futurist.  The uniqueness of the watch comes from the two radially graduated rings that display the time.  The outer rings shows the minutes and the inner rings...