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Google’s World Cup Easter Egg (video)


A couple weeks ago Google celebrated Pac-Man’s 30th with style, but that doesn’t mean they’re done having fun just quite yet. To honor the World Cup tournament, starting in just three days, Google has created a little easter egg for those searching for information about the event. Go to Google’s...


FIFA 10 PSP Review

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As we all know, you usually get a bang for your buck when you buy a PSP game.  Not like portable games of the past, PSP games are full fledged  titles with all the trimmings of their console counterparts....


MiSoccer iPod Dock Will Surely Kick It!


With World Cup 2010 around the corner, it seems like a perfect time to unveil the MiSoccer iPod Dock.  From the makers of the awesome sounding iPig, this dock system is pretty much the same thing with a soccer facelift.  Sporting 2.1 sound, two full-range drivers deliver the stereo sound...


World Cup 2010 To Bring Mobile TV To The ForeFront?


While currently no one really cares about mobile (cellular) TV, corporate executives are banking on World Cup 2010 in South Africa to finally bring the service some decent limelight.  It really makes sense actually because the majority of soccer and World Cup fans will be working multiple jobs and will...