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The Apple Watch Already Has A Custom Wood Charging Stand


The Apple Watch has barely been announced, and it hasn’t even come out yet, but that’s not stopping accessories designers from trying to get in on the action on the ground floor. Either that, or Dodocase is even more excited for the Apple Watch than most people, because they already...

Bass Egg main

Bass Egg Speaker Review


peakers come in various sizes: there are large, free standing towers and bookshelf models, portable speakers running off batteries and even those small enough to fit in pockets. The speaker’s size — its physical dimensions — plays a big part in how it sounds. This is due to the fact...


Meet DURT, The Wooden Mountain Bike


Most bikes are made of extremely high-end composites and fibers that come from the cutting edge of materials science: Carbon fiber, for example, is so light and durable it’s practically a slam dunk for bikes. But it’s also less sustainable than the humble wooden frame, especially when properly engineered. Or...


LSTN Headphones Are Built From Wood, And Built For Charity

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Wood is more a novelty than a commonplace material in headphones, but if you think about it, it really shouldn’t be. Quite a few instruments involve the use of wood in their construction, from pianos to guitars; wood is a naturally renewable resource; and we have centuries of experience manufacturing...

Team 7's flaye Table

Team 7’s Flaye Table (video)

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With TEAM 7’s new flaye table, you can now accommodate unexpected dinner guests in seconds! The table goes from 0 to 100 (cm, that is) in four seconds flat, thanks to its revolutionary non-stop synchronised pull-out technology. The patented-TEAM 7 innovation features not only intuitive handling, but also impeccable styling cues as well, with precise curves...

Root Wood iPad Case

Root Case’s Wood iPad 2 Case (video)


We loved the Cartella for the Macbook Air.  The inspiration for the case is drawn from the classic, but always durable Moleskin notebooks.  So if you’re down with that it’s only fitting that you procure a complementary apparatus for your iPad – one that exudes that same class and sophistication. The Root...

iWood Laptop

iWood Laptop


Well isn’t this adorable.  The iWood – stop, we know what you’re thinking – is a wood laptop, but instead of an operating system, battery, processor, keyboard and screen, it rocks a good old chalk board.  Perfect if you don’t want your kids to get sucked into the world of...

Retro iPad Dock TV

Retro CRT iPad Dock Resembles an 80s TV


It’s odd.  We tend to through the old out to make way for the new.  But then the new gets old and we find ourselves wandering back to where we started.  While this can often be said in terms of relationship, the same can be stated for clothing and sometimes,...

JDCD Wood Alarm Clock

iPhone Wooden Bedside Alarm Clock


For many the smartphone has replaced the standard bedside alarm clock.  But for those of you that still want the old world charm of a classic, wood finished flip clock, look no further than the Jonas Damon’s Alarm Dock. Okay, so it’s effectively a piece of Beech Wood designed to...