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Tinke iPhone Heart Monitor Keeps Tabs on Your Poor Health


Sometimes I’m disgusted with my sedentary ways.  Regardless, I still have a hard time unstrapping myself from the couch.  Course, that might change if I know my physical, or more importantly my cardiovascular system was slowing degrading. Enter the Tinke, an iPhone device that plugs into your iPhone 4s’ 30-pin connector (sorry iPhone...

Withings Scale Review


Losing weight is never fun or easy. And then there is the inherent challenge of tracking your results and understanding what you’ve accomplished. Enter the Withings Scale. It removes the headache often associated with tracking your weight loss all the while adding some much needed pizazz to the often stark...

WIthings Scale - 04

Withings Scale Unboxing And Hands On


Scales by their very nature aren’t exciting, but when we got wind of Withings we knew we had to get a hands on.  If you’re not familiar with Withing’s Scale it’s got built-in WiFi which sends your records LBs (or KGs depending on where you live) through your home’s WiFi...